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Our series on sleep continues with a piece by Gayge Operaista discussing divisions and oppression within the working class.

I wake up with a start, and do my usual “where the hell am I?” look around. When you’ve been couch and guest room surfing for months, because you moved back across the country and still haven’t found steady work, it’s a reasonable “why am I awake?” question, especially when there’s no urgency to get up out of bed.

New public sector walkout over pensions set for May 10 (with updates)

Civil servants and health workers in the PCS and Unite unions, respectively are set to strike on May 10 against the government's slashing of public and private sector pensions. Unison, the biggest union, won't be with them.

Other public sector unions could be set to join them in what would be the largest industrial action since November 30th, with stating that another date is proposed for the end of June.

Work dreams

Scott Nappalos writes about the problems of working in a hospital and how conditions seep into his dreams.

Within a few months of being on my own, the dreams started. I won’t say nightmares, because nightmares have a distinct sense of terror and harm; my dreams weren’t always like that. I was working as a nurse on an medical-surgical floor for oncology patients in a major urban hospital. Just out of school, I managed to fall into one of the most hostile units in one of the worst hospitals in Miami.

Kenyan Government fires 25,000 striking nurses

The Kenyan Government has sacked 25,000 striking nurses who refused to return to work after their trade union called off the official strike.

Last week, striking Kenyan nurses defied their trade union instruction’s to return to work, after they had called off the strike due to reaching a sordid back room deal with the Government.

Their interests and ours

Scott Nappalos talks about union-management cooperation at a hospital he works at.

“The employers interests are our interests. We are all in a circle with the patients in the center,” a union president told us at the first meeting of nurses in my moribund hospital local. The union administrator had been sent from out of state to develop a labor-management partnership committee and try to create a collaborative relation between the bosses and the union.

Kenyan nurses reject the union & bosses deal and continue striking

Kenyan nurses have been on strike for the last four days over pay. Yesterday, their trade union reached a deal with the bosses and called the strike off. Nurses are angry at the lack of consultation, and at the content of the deal. They have responded by ignoring the official call to end the strike, and have again walked out.

Nurses and other healthcare workers in Kenya have been on strike for the last three days over pay and conditions.

Update from the Greek hospital under workers' control

The health workers who have occupied a hospital in Greece and placed it under workers control have issued a new statement regarding the occupation.

The following statement has been made by the health workers occupying the hospital.

Hello all,
Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Australian nurses banned from striking by the state government

Nurses in the state of, Australia have been involved in an eight month dispute with the government over pay, and staffing levels. They have now been banned from striking by 'Fair Work Australia', an alleged independent arbitration service, and potentially face fines and prison should they strike. After months of selling out the workers, the Australian nurses federation has bowed to pressure from the rank and file and says they will defy the ban.

Nurses in the Australian state of Victoria have been banned from striking by the government’s industrial tribunal, Fair Work Australia (FWA).

Alternative Futures Group pay cuts – Don’t sign, don’t panic

Further information regarding attempts by the Alternative Futures Group to slash the pay of its care workers.

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Morality and biology in the Spanish Civil War: Psychiatrists, revolution and women prisoners in Málaga

Michael Richards on the Spanish Civil War, women and psychiatry.

If woman loses her self-understanding she will become shackled to a civilisation in crisis, transformed into a body, part of decadent femininity. Woman in a crisis of self will always be material. She will be susceptible to bodily outbreaks of corporal diseases and mental disorders which will precipitate pilgrimages in search of doctors, when not to prison, prostitution or the asylum.