Ancona’s centre-left city council evicts housing occupation

On 5 February 2014 Ancona’s centre-left city council evicted refugees and homeless people from the Casa de Nialtri housing occupation. The Casa was a former infant school (disused for three years) which had been occupied on 22 December by people from a large network of grassroots groups and associations, together with a number of Italian and migrant homeless people.

The Casa – the first housing occupation in Ancona for more than two decades – provided a home to around 60 people.

Abahlali: We were promised homes for all, not just for ANC party members

South African shack dwellers' direct action movement Abahlali baseMjondolo on the death and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

“If the ANC does to you what the Apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.”
- Nelson Mandela, Cosatu1 Conference, 1993
  • 1. Main South African trade union federation

Solidarity for workers' power #3.12

Issue of Solidarity from 8 December 1965 with articles about the King Hill homeless struggle, a struggle of apprentices, Maoism, Malatesta and more.

KCC versus the homeless: the King Hill campaign

1966 pamphlet about the struggle of a group of homeless families in Kent against the local county council. Jointly published by Solidarity and Socialist Action, it contains four extra pages added in 1967 with an update about the families being successful.

Low cost pragmatic storage solutions for the surplus population

Low cost pragmatic storage solutions for the surplus population

A follow-up to my blog on the 'housing shortage', originally posted as an overly-long facebook status and reposted here now that the scheme to house people in shipping containers has been approved.

I've been arguing with a few Green Party supporters over the plan to store surplus poor people in shipping containers. My point is there's a massive surplus of houses (in Brighton, 4,000 empties, 867 of which are long-term, vs 135 homeless families), the scarcity is artificial.

Housing resistance and transformation: From direct action to direct democracy

A look at why direct action can be the foundation of transforming housing in eviction defense, foreclosure resistance, and housing liberation.

If there is one thing that has marked the libertarian tradition, at least in the classical sense, it has been the focus on transformative organizing. This may simply appear as rhetoric to some people, and in many cases it is.

There is no housing shortage

There is no housing shortage

The Guardian today reports a rise in homelessness. This is a predictable (and predicted) consequence of benefits cuts, but it has nothing to do with a shortage of homes.

The 'housing shortage' has become something of a received wisdom amongst the political mainstream. From the right, we get the endless moans from property developers about 'bureaucratic planning red tape'. From the left, the nostalgic call for a new wave of council housing.

S01E011 - Housing, homelessness and austerity

An edition of the Novara radio show in discussion with Kit Withnail who is Irish, a Catholic, a Marxist, and an antihumanist.

Novara - a weekly show on Resonance FM discussing political theory, practice and aesthetics. Discussions and interventions will be with workers, theorists, students and activists. Hosted by Aaron Peters.

Repression of day-laborer organizing in Tokyo

A day-laborer organizer in Tokyo has been held in solitary confinement, for almost four months, by police for a broken window.

(this article is an updated and expanded version of a communique from NoVox released in late April, which can be seen at http://www.no-vox.org/spip.php?article286&lang=fr.)

Hidden victims of austerity

2011 has seen a massive increase in people registered as homeless and people sleeping rough. However, the governments housing minister Grant Schapps claims that 'homelessness' is at a historic low.

The last year has seen workers taking pay cuts, pay freezes, and redundancies. To make matters worse, they are paying more for their food, petrol, utility bills, and for public transport. Many workers have seen a ‘real terms’ pay cut.