Chinese Honda workers threaten more strikes

Striking Honda workers outside the Foshan plant, Guangdong.

Honda Motor Co employees in China on Thursday threatened another strike over a salary dispute. The staff temporarily returned to work on Wednesday at the plant in Foshan, southern China, after a strike that had halted Honda production in the country.

Open Letter to the Public and All the Workers in Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

An open letter by the Nanhai Factory Honda Workers who have returned to work following their wildcat strike, from 3 June 2010.

Open Letter from Local Chinese Trade Union to Honda Motors Factory Workers

Translation of an open letter from the official trade union of Honda workers apologising and attempting to excuse the beating of 40 wildcat strikers by union officials.

Strike shuts Chinese Honda plants

Honda workers in Guangzhou, southern China.

Honda Motor Company, Japan's second-biggest carmaker, halted production at its four Chinese auto plants after workers at a parts factory went on strike demanding a pay raise.

Strike and police brutality at Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, 2005

Indian auto workers in Gurgaon strike

Prol-Position on the violent, month-long strike/lockout of HMSI workers in India in 2005, which ended with the employers giving into many of the workers' demands.

Brazil: Autoworkers vote to continue strike

9,000 workers striking at car plants in the south of the country have voted to extend their strike.