Independent Labour Party

1915: Glasgow Rent Strike

IN 1915 overcrowding gave landlords in Glasgow took advantage and increased the rent and evicted thousands who couldn't pay. In response the women of the estates banded together and chased away the eviction agents.

The Keir Hardie Myth

New mural at Peace Passage based on Keir Hardie speaking at an anti war rally ju

From Socialist Standard March 1961
The myth about Keir Hardie's attitude to war is very persistent. At an anti-Polaris rally in Glasgow last December, the Co-operative Movement representative had only to refer to him, ". . . if we could get Keir Hardie here . . ." to have his words drowned by applause. Whatever the sentiments of the audience may have been, it was certainly in error about Hardie's attitude to war.

Resistance shall grow - Solidarity

Resistance shall grow (1963)

Pamphlet about the 'Spies for Peace' co-published by Solidarity (UK), the ILP, the Syndicalist Workers Federation and the London Federation of Anarchists. For Solidarity this was pamphlet 14. A PDF file of the original pamphlet is attached.

The 100 versus the state - Solidarity

100 versus The State (1962)

A Joint Solidarity and Independent Labour Party pamphlet about the Committee of 100. For Solidarity this was pamphlet number 10. A pdf of the pamphlet is attached.