100,000,000 workers grind India to a halt in one of world's biggest strikes ever

One of the world's largest ever strikes began at midnight on Monday 27th Feb and will end at midnight tonight. Up to 100,000,000 Indian workers from different sectors and industries are calling for a national minimum wage, permanent jobs, and much more.

First-hand account from an Indian nurse on the work conditions they face

A nurse from the Kerala region of India writes a brief account of the conditions that nurses in India work in, which give an insight into why nurses across India are starting to organise and fight back.

Indian nurses start ‘indefinite’ strike

Thousands of nurses across India have started an indefinite strike for better pay and conditions. Historically unorganised, Indian nurses have formed a new union, creating over 400 branches in two months. They have vowed to remain on strilke until their wages are increased by around 80%. Courts have deemed the strike to be illegal and have instructed police to assist scabs to get into work.

Indian workers kill their boss following the murder of a union leader

During clashes between workers and police outside an Indian ceramics factory, local police murder a union leader. The workers retaliate by murdering a senior company executive, and burning down several company premises.

The world’s biggest ever strike, India, 28th February 2012

On February 28th 2012 over 100,000,000 Indian workers will come out on strike. Workers from many unions and sectors are trying to gain improvements in areas such as, pay, pensions, and employment rights.

Extracts from Faridabad Workers Newspaper 2002-2004

Extracts of Faridabad Majdoor Samachar - Faridabad Workers Newspaper - from Collective Action Notes between 2002 and 2004, with accounts of working life and class struggle in India.

Gurgaon Workers News #38 - May 2011

Gurgaon workers newsletter issue 38, with news, reports and analysis from India's special exploitation zone.

Gurgaon Workers News #37 - April 2011

Gurgaon workers newsletter issue 37, with news, reports and analysis from India's special exploitation zone.

Gurgaon Workers News #36 - March 2011

Gurgaon workers newsletter issue 36, with news, reports and analysis from India's special exploitation zone.

फरीदाबाद मजदूर समाचार

80 के दशक के अंतिम वर्षों से आज तक हिंदी में मासिक रूप से नियमित निकलनेवाले फरीदाबाद मजदूर समाचार के सारे अंकों का ऑनलाइन संकलन I इसका प्रकाशन और वितरण मुख्य रूप से दिल्ली और इसके आसपास के औद्योगिक इलाकों में होता है जैसे: फरीदाबाद, गुडगाँव, मानेसर, उद्योग विहार और दिल्ली आदि I हर महीने लगभग 9000 प्रतियोंवाला यह समाचार पत्र राहें तलाशने-बनाने के लिए मजदूरों के अनुभवों और विचारों के आदान-प्रदान का एक ज़रिया है I