After the fire: When the offices keep on being dirty, the bosses come down to the jhuggis…

Short note on a slum fire in Gurgaon, which destroyed about 800 huts of families of cleaning and recycling workers on 24th of April 2007. The first two days after the fire office bosses came down to the slum, asking why their offices kept on being dirty.

Thousands of invisible hands moving the automobile industry in Gurgaon area, Part One

A short introduction to the local automobile industry, plus five Faridabad Majdoor Samaachaar reports from workers employed in different companies of the supplying sector.

Factory and police station, Faridabad

An account of the beating and repression by bosses and police of MG auto workers in Faridabad, India, 2007.

Not yet special enough: Special Economic Zones, part 1

Gurgaon workers news examine plans for a new Special Economic Zone in the Gurgaon area, India, 2007.

Techy Wage increase attempt at Convergys in Gurgaon

An account of an unsuccessful attempt of call centre workers in Gurgaon, India, to inflate their wages by forging positive feedback.

Riot at Old Station, Faridabad

An account of a commuter riot against poor service in India, 2006.

Liberty Shoes, Strike and Cycle Rikshas

An account and chronology of a strike at the Liberty Shoes factory in Gurgaon, India in 2006.

The laws are for exploitation and there is freedom to exploit beyond the law

Interviews with factory workers in Gurgaon, India, about their conditions and whether they meet legal requirements.

Death and development in Gurgaon

Gurgaon workers news on deaths in India's booming region.

The Gurgaon call centre hub

Text from autumn 2006 giving an overview on the call centre hub in Gurgaon, including interviews with workers.