Workers' struggles in Asia (December 2010)

Casual workers at a Hyundai factory in South Korea staging a sit-in strike.

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (focusing on East Asia) during December 2010 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them:

Nine workers arrested in beating death of manager

Nine workers arrested for beating to death the manager at Allied Nippon in the Ghaziabad district of New Delhi. It happened as 400 workers held a protest at the factory.

Commonwealth Games in Delhi: The reality of exploitation

Article by the International Communist Current looking at the reality of day-to-day exploitation on the site of the approaching Commonwealth Games in India.

The class struggles in India

Kolkata airport staff strike, 2008.

A quick round up of some of the strikes which have taken place (or are being planned) around India in the past couple of weeks.

Workers' struggles in Asia (June 2010)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around East Asia (excluding China) during June, and also some from the Indian Subcontinent that I came across whilst searching. I now have a Twitter feed where I will be posting the stories I find, so if you don't want to wait until the end of the month to read them or would like to write up some of these for libcom news when they happen rather, please follow it:

Misery is relative: comparison of minimum wages in Delhi and London

Gurgaon Workers News analyse the relative difference in purchasing power and quality of life between minimum wage earners in Delhi, India and London, UK.

Strikes at Air India to continue despite sackings

Industrial action by workers is set to continue at the Indian airline despite the sacking of 58 workers and derecognition of two major unions following a wildcat strike last week.

General strike in India planned over price rises

India's major unions have called for a nationwide general strike this September over numerous issues including the rising cost of living and demanding an improved social security net.

Developing Unrest: New Struggles in Miserable Boom-Town Gurgaon

Following article tries to summarise the main tendencies of class relations in Gurgaon and based on that to come to practical conclusions and suggestions for local ‘communist activities’.

“Needles and Threats”, Local Textile Industry, Part One

A text on the textile export industries around the New Delhi area in India, including workers' reports and how one company got rid of permanent workers by repression and taking advantage of the workers' trust in their union representatives.