Misery is relative: comparison of minimum wages in Delhi and London

Gurgaon Workers News analyse the relative difference in purchasing power and quality of life between minimum wage earners in Delhi, India and London, UK.

Strikes at Air India to continue despite sackings

Industrial action by workers is set to continue at the Indian airline despite the sacking of 58 workers and derecognition of two major unions following a wildcat strike last week.

General strike in India planned over price rises

India's major unions have called for a nationwide general strike this September over numerous issues including the rising cost of living and demanding an improved social security net.

Developing Unrest: New Struggles in Miserable Boom-Town Gurgaon

Following article tries to summarise the main tendencies of class relations in Gurgaon and based on that to come to practical conclusions and suggestions for local ‘communist activities’.

“Needles and Threats”, Local Textile Industry, Part One

A text on the textile export industries around the New Delhi area in India, including workers' reports and how one company got rid of permanent workers by repression and taking advantage of the workers' trust in their union representatives.

Union struggle and the law in Gurgaon

A short introduction to the Industrial Disputes Act and some general thoughts on union-related local problems, with a detailed look at two struggles.

Gurgaon: Whose security is it anyway?

Reports from Security Guards in Gurgaon, one of them employed by G4S, formerly known as Group4. The worker reports about the massive and open money swindle the company undertakes. Another guard reports why he had to work 48 hours without a break.

After the fire: When the offices keep on being dirty, the bosses come down to the jhuggis…

Short note on a slum fire in Gurgaon, which destroyed about 800 huts of families of cleaning and recycling workers on 24th of April 2007. The first two days after the fire office bosses came down to the slum, asking why their offices kept on being dirty.

Thousands of invisible hands moving the automobile industry in Gurgaon area, Part One

A short introduction to the local automobile industry, plus five Faridabad Majdoor Samaachaar reports from workers employed in different companies of the supplying sector.

Factory and police station, Faridabad

An account of the beating and repression by bosses and police of MG auto workers in Faridabad, India, 2007.