International Communist Current

Student/worker demonstrations: We need to control our own struggles!

The leaflet below was given out at the large meeting held at King's College last night, under the auspices of the left wing of the unions (Education Activists Network). We would welcome comments, criticisms, and above all, offers to distribute it or improve and update it in this period leading up to next week's Day of Action. A comrade from the ICC's section in Toulouse, which has been very active in the movement for struggle committees and assemblies, was able to speak at the meeting; and despite a frontal attack on the French union strategies, was widely applauded. We will try to piece together more elements about this meeting.

Commonwealth Games in Delhi: The reality of exploitation

Article by the International Communist Current looking at the reality of day-to-day exploitation on the site of the approaching Commonwealth Games in India.

Kashmir: Amidst gun battles between Indian state and the separatists half a million workers assert their class identity

Article by Communist Internationalist, ICC section in India, about the class struggles which have developed in Kashmir despite all the nationalist conflicts which have ravaged the region

Funeral of a martyr

The story of the funeral of Hamdullah Uysal, a Tekel worker, who died during the recent struggle, an extract from a longer article soon to be published by the ICC in English.

Against the ‘medicine’ of austerity: The class struggle!

Leaflet from the International Communist Current about the austerity measures being made internationally and the struggles by workers against them.

BA strike: Workers' solidarity versus the bosses' law

Leaflet about the banned and then un-banned strike by British Airways cabin crew in 2010 by the International Communist Current.

Spartacus revolt: inspiration for the proletariat

While waiting to hear someone justify what looks at first sight at least like an attempt to sell the Spartacus story as a form of pornography, it's worth drawing attention to why communists from Marx onwards and no doubt before have held the name Spartacus in such high esteem. This is an article published in World Revolution and the ICC's website. It came out not long after the success of Russel Crowe's Gladiator.

Another look at the organisation question

Bolsheviks speaking at meeting of the Petrograd Soviet.

The following text was published in 1982, over the name “Cormack”. It is an attempt to draw lessons from the Bolshevik experience, not only for the abstract “theory of the party”, but also for the concrete problems of communist organisation we face in the here and now, when any emergence of anything you might call a revolutionary party is far, far over the horizon.

Turkey: Tekel workers take on the government and the unions

A detailed account an analysis of the struggle of thousands of Tekel workers in Turkey against mass closures, who have been on strike for weeks and have now occupied the headquarters of the country's main union confederation.