The history of the federalist IWMA - Vadim Damier

Article by Russian anarcho-syndicalist Vadim Damier on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Federalist International Workingmen's Association (IWMA).

The economy of making women care

Resisting, questioning, creating... the struggle continues!

A brief analysis of how capitalism systematically subjugates women, and therefore how women's emancipation is bound up with the struggle against capitalism.

After Zimmerwald - Radical Chains


The modern left, bolshevism included, are all children of Zimmerwald. It was at the Zimmerwald conference in 1915 that the revolutionary left thrashed out the issues of its relation to the centrist and reformist wings of the movement and its orientation towards national self-determination... Lenin may have been well in advance of anyone in his call for revolutionary defeatism, but... Lenin's defence of the right of nations to self-determination was no more than a reiteration of orthodoxy and... in their assessment of the real consequences of support for nationalism the European left proved to be more perspicacious than Lenin.

No national solutions

The Commune's Clifford Biddulph replies to the debate on the national question.

The perplexities of the Middle Eastern conflict - Communicating Vessels

Essay looking at the concepts of nation and national identity, especially in relation to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

We won't pay for the bosses' war - No War But The Class War

Leaflet from 1991, looking at the logic behind the impending Gulf War, and its meaning for the working class, both in the UK and internationally.

Letter on Iraq - No War But The Class War

Internationalist response to an article in the Merseyside Anarchist Newsletter, which implied support for an Iraqi victory in the Gulf War

Statement of principles - No War But The Class War

Statement of principles of the 1991 No War But The Class War group.

No war but the class war: remembering and reflecting ten years after - Practical History

Account of a participant involved in the No War But The Class War group at the time of the first Gulf War.

The Gulf War of 2003 - Internationalist Perspective

Article by Internationalist Perspective on the 2003 Gulf War.