The Gulf War of 2003 - Internationalist Perspective

Article by Internationalist Perspective on the 2003 Gulf War.

No war but the class war! - Red and Black Notes

From the War in the Gulf, to the War at Home - article from Red and Black Notes on the need to fight the invasion of class war with class struggle at home.

A plague on both your houses - Red and Black Notes

Internationalist article from Red and Black Notes on the then imminent 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Revolutionary defeatists in Greece in World War II - Aghis Stinas

Selections from the memoirs of the Greek socialist Aghis Stinas, focusing on class struggle, internationalism and revolutionary defeatism during the Second World War.

1914-1946: Third camp internationalists in France during World War II

An anarchist festival in Paris, 1936

An outstanding article by Pierre Lanneret, describing the activities of internationalists during World War II. Published by Échanges et mouvement.

Celebrate May Day on the basis of internationalism, 2007

The text published here is Internasyonalismo's - an internationalist group in the Philippines - statement on the significance of May Day.