From cyber vigilantes to corporate thugs: Hackers back up employers in union conflict

The owners of Restaurant Vejlegaarden in Vejle in Denmark have received support from an unlikely quarter as hackers from across the world have organised to attack the restaurant's opponents in a union conflict. Anonymous have issued a statement distancing themselves from the hack (see comments below).

Solidarity unicornism and the future of the left: WSA’s may day poster explained

A humorous article dealing with the right-wing online media's discovery of a May 1st poster made by members of the Workers Solidarity Alliance.

Goatse as industrial sabotage

DSG's piece on how obscene internet references are used by some workers as sabotage or resistance.


DSG's article on how technology has affected the maintainers of content and what this means.

BRITAIN’S FIRST CYBER-STRIKE – How the June 30th strike may play out online

An article on how various forms of hacking and utilization of online actions could be useful for workers outside of direct production or unable to strike.

All the memes of production - Deterritorial Support Group

DSG on internet memes and their political potential for the working class.

Poland: Mass protests against ACTA

For the past week, protests have taken place across Poland against anti-counterfeiting law ACTA in dozens of cities.

Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off in cyberspace

DSG's article on the development of hacking as a political tool among activists and the response from state and capital.

Global unrest: how the revolution went viral

An extract from Paul Mason's new book, Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions, from the Guardian. The past 18 months have seen extraordinary outpourings of discontent. But what links them? Paul Mason examines how technology has been at the heart of the global unrest, and finds parallels less with 1968, and more with 1914.

How'd you end up on libcom?

Just passed the 7 year mark on this dump. How'd you end up here?