Global unrest: how the revolution went viral

An extract from Paul Mason's new book, Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions, from the Guardian. The past 18 months have seen extraordinary outpourings of discontent. But what links them? Paul Mason examines how technology has been at the heart of the global unrest, and finds parallels less with 1968, and more with 1914.

How'd you end up on libcom?

Just passed the 7 year mark on this dump. How'd you end up here?

BLOGGED: Libcom is better and more popular than libcon


Late last night it was pointed out on twitter that has a far higher Alexa rating than (known as libcon). This caused ex-Tory supporter turned Coalition voter Sunny Hundal to have a cry.

Consequences of the Misuse of Electricity-Jose Manuel Rojo

A 2001 essay interpreting such phenomena as the rise of reality TV shows, public video surveillance networks, unethical human experimentation and internet exhibitionism as battlefronts of the "subjugation and exploitation" of "the human being himself, his most intimate nature, his dreams and desires, his personality, his body, [and] the genetic code itself" by capitalism, which is preparing the population for "the destruction of nature and its replacement by an artificial and inhuman environment".

Spontaneous demonstration called on Facebook attracts half a million in Lisbon

Following the events of Tunisia, Egypt and other Southern Med States where a popular people’s movement was started over the Facebook and Social networks, a small group of Portuguese youth started up a Facebook page-calling for a million people march on the main street in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade, for March 12th 2011, to fill up the entire street. They called themselves the “Geracao A Rasca” or the “Angry Generation”.

Anonymous Anarchist Action hacktivist group founded

Join A(A)A at : (#anarchism) and

A(A)A is the first specifically libertarian communist grouping to emerge out of Anonymous, the world wide hacking network most famous for retaliation operations actions in late 2010 to the attacks on Wikileaks by the US Government.

Join at (#anarchism)

The Shape of Truth to Come: New Media & Knowledge

Chris Carlsson on new media and networking technology, in 1994.

Three internet activists jailed in China; hundreds protest courthouse

A Chinese court jailed three people on Friday (16th) who posted material on the Internet to help a woman pressure authorities which she accused of covering up her daughter's death, in a trial that attracted scores of supporters. now on twitter

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