Invisible Man

Alarm Clock

Our series on work, sleep, and dreams continues with a story by our friend Invisible Man, about race, stress, and family.

The belt sander was screeching. The high whine tore through his eardrums. It began to drown out the clatter of the polishing drum and the pulsating whirr of the milling machines. Time to replace the sandpaper.


Be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together

A reply to 'Privilige politics is reformism', an article that appeared on Black Orchid Collective's website.

Comrade Will’s piece “Privilege Politics is Reformism,” for the Black Orchid Collective blog, is a timely and valuable contribution to understanding how the revolutionary movement of the early 21st century will develop. In essence, what he tries to do is to identify the dynamics of racial oppression within the Occupy movement and identify some tentative ways forward.

Reasonable accommodation

Our friend and comrade Invisible Man has contributed stories before about life on the job. In this piece he provides an analysis of race and policy and movements in Quebec. In a time of crisis and with a potential for rising right-wing movements, his points are relevant to people around the world.

Reasonable Accommodation
The accommodation debate began with the Dawson College shooting spree. Not many remember it now, but it’s a fact.

The shoe nazi

This is a story about race, class, and poverty, from a friend who writes a blog anonymously as Invisible Man.

“You have a line on some work?”

“What kind of work?”

“Cash. EI doesn’t give me enough. I need something they won’t take away from me.”

“I give you a number. Maybe he won’t hire you now, but you keep calling, you will get something.”