The work and the job - Wild Rose Collective

A piece about the alienation of work and how even work that is directed towards helping people is structured in a way to be about profits over everything else.

The specific anarchist group - Wild Rose Collective

This document from their new member packet explains the type of group that Wild Rose Collective is, and gives some background on the ideas.

Redwing Workers Organization History

A short history on the activity of various small groups that eventually went on to become the Redwing Workers Organization, a libertarian socialist organization from Des Moines, Iowa that existed in the late 1970s.

Notes on the Midwest Libertarian Conference, May 28-31, 1976

In 1976, anarchists and libertarian socialists in Iowa called for a "Continental Organizing and Communications Conference" with the aim of moving towards forming a midwest federation. However the conference resulted in arguments about the principles of unity proposed, the structure of the conference itself, the male-dominated aspects of the discussion, and the issue of 'Marxist' terminology and politics, among other things. These are 5 report backs from the conference.

A history of Wild Rose Rebellion, 2007-2009

A history of an Iowa-based anarchist group.

1938 Maytag strike

Account of 1938 Maytag strike in Newton, Iowa by workers affiliated with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE). The strike involved anti-communist rhetoric from state politicians and the company, political maneuvering by the Democratic Party, and eventually, military intervention, which broke the strike.

1974: Dissatisfaction at Firestone

Article on a wildcat strike at a Firestone tire plant in Des Moines and the union's efforts to get the workers back to work. Appeared in Free Flowing (April 1974)

1976: Rubberworkers Strike

Article on the 1976 strikes in the tire industry. Appeared in Free Flowing (May 1976).

Sometimes We Don't Even Get to the Point of Winning or Losing...

Reading The American Worker and old Italian operaismo surveys of auto workers, it occurred to me that it would be worth documenting some of my own experiences in wage labor. We often forget how powerful and important first person accounts of what happens to us are.

Anarchist Organization by Ames Anarchist Group

Part one of a piece by the Ames Anarchist Group, part of the Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (SRAF). Appeared in Free Flowing (August 1975)