Iranian revolution

1978-1979: The Iranian Revolution

The Iranian revolution

A history and analysis of the revolution in which socialists aligned themselves with Islamists to overthrow the West-backed Shah.

Women and revolution in Iran

The overthrow of the Shah, and with it the undermining of U.S. imperialism's dominance of the Gulf region, not only opened a dramatic shift in global power, but for the first time moved the question of the Middle East from oil, to one of social revolution. What was most outstanding was that the greatest, most powerful and sustained mobilizations for months on end, including a general strike of oil workers, preceded the three-day insurrection of Feb. 9-12, 1979, which did indeed initiate a whole new epoch in world relations.

Grave Contradictions of the 1979 Iranian Revolution - Raya Dunayevskaya

Marxist Humanism's Raya Dunayevskaya on the Iranian Revolution.