Class struggle and "bosses' offensives" - Amadeo Bordiga

Amadeo Bordiga's critique of revisionist forms of Marxism arguing against reformism and in favour an offensive communist politics.

Towards the establishment of workers' councils in Italy - Amadeo Bordiga

Demonstration in Rome during the Biennio Rosso.

Bordiga's contribution to communist theories of the role of the workers party in pushing forward workers councils as a method of class organisation.

Towards a gay communism - Mario Mieli

Gay communism

The last chapter of Mario Mieli's book Homosexuality & Liberation published in Italian in the 1970s, which summarises many of the Marxism and psychoanalysis-influenced ideas of the Italian gay liberation movement.

Confronting the crisis of 'fordism': Italian debates around social transition - Steve Wright

FIAT Strike in “Hot Autumn” of '69 Turin, Italy.

Steve Wright's in-depth look at views of the Italian workerists on the working class response to Fordism and its effects on class composition.

A party of autonomy? - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's analysis of the Leninist tendencies remaining in Italian Operaismo and "explore, in a critical manner, the debate over the party-form played out within and around the groups of Autonomia Operaia during the late seventies".

Cassia, Salvatore, 1944-2002

Militant: Class struggle in 1970s Italy

A biography of Italian anarchist and electronics worker Salvatore Cassia.

Berneri, Luigi Camillo, 1897-1937

Luigi Camillo Berneri

The life of famous Italian anarchist, Luigi Camillo Berneri, who was assassinated by Stalinists during the Spanish Civil War.

Borghi, Armando, 1882-1968

Mugshots of Armando Borghi

A short biography of Italian anarchist and anti-fascist militant Armando Borghi.

Malatesta, Errico, 1853-1932

Errico Malatesta

A short biography of leading Italian anarchist militant Errico Malatesta.