1971: Via Tibaldi occupation

Aerial view of Via Tibaldi today

A short history of an occupation of empty housing in Italy by workers who had inadequate accomodation. Their direct action and solidarity forced the council to house hundreds of people.

1971: The Quarto Oggiaro occupation

Via Mac Mahon, top left to bottom right

A short history of a militant mass occupation of empty housing in Milan, Italy, 1971 which pressured the government to give in and provide the participating families with housing.

1971: The people's clinic, Rome

The history of the residents in one of Rome's outlying ghettos who had inadequate health care provision. Seizing a government building, they and sympathetic health workers set up their own medical centre and ran it collectively.

1926: The attempted assassination of Mussolini in Rome

Gino Lucetti

An account of the unsuccessful assassination attempt of Benito Mussolini by anarchist Gino Lucetti who threw a bomb at his car in Rome on 11 September, 1926.

1918-1921: The Italian factory occupations and Biennio Rosso

Workers' assembly in an occupied Fiat plant, Turin 1920

A brief history of the Italian Biennio Rosso (two red years) and the mass factory occupations of 1920 where half a million workers ran their workplaces for themselves.

The door to the garden: feminism and Operaismo - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

A paper on the history of Italian Marxist feminism given at a seminar on Operaismo ('workerism') held in Rome, June 2002 (3,000 words).

When two sevens clash: punk and autonomia

An article on the relationship between punk and Autonomia presented by Keir at the No Future conference, September 2001.

Salvadori, Bruno, 1910-1982

Bruno Salvadori, aka Antonio Gimenez

A short biography of Italian anarchist and Spanish Civil War fighter Bruno Salvadori, alias Antoine or Antonio Gimenez.

Sbardellotto, Angelo Pellegrino, 1907-1932

Angelo Pellegrino Sbardellotto

A short biography of Angelo Pellegrino Sbardellotto, Italian anarchist and coal miner who attempted to assassinate fascist leader Benito Mussolini but was arrested and executed.

In the Shell of the Old - Italy's Social Centres

Article from the 1990s containing information about Italy's movement of political squats called "social centres."