In the Shell of the Old - Italy's Social Centres

Article from the 1990s containing information about Italy's movement of political squats called "social centres."

Pasotti, Giuseppe, 1888-1951


A short biography of Italian anarchist, Giuseppe Pasotti, who ran a network to smuggle militants and materials into Spain during the Civil War.

Unions end week of Alitalia wildcat strikes

Workers for airline Alitalia at Rome's main airport have agreed to call off a week of unofficial industrial action following a request from unions.

Berlusconi could send in military against Alitalia wildcat strikers

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi hinted yesterday at sending in the military to break up wildcat strikes which have paralysed Alitalia, the Italian national airline.

Union leaders suspend Alitalia strikes

Following wildcat strikes over the weekend which downed flights, Alitalia SpA union leaders said they would "suspend'' a 24-hour strike planned for Jan 23 after the government offered to discuss complaints about longer shifts, decreasing job security and the sale of a unit.

Wildcat walkouts over restructuring ground flights in Italy

Alitalia cancelled 44 flights today due to continued labour unrest, the second day in a row Italy's struggling national carrier has had to scrap flights because of wildcat walkouts.

Take over the city: community struggle in Italy - Lotta Continua

Excellent article from Lotta Continua about different struggles of workers in their local areas in 1973. It covers self-reduction of prices, squatting and more.

Di Canio in fascist salute ban

Paolo Di Canio has been banned for one game and fined £7,000 by the Italian FA for making a fascist salute.

Towards the establishment of workers' councils in Italy (1920)

Workers' council in Cerignola, Italy, 1920.

Amadeo Bordiga's contribution to a programme of setting up workers' councils in Italy as a way of surpassing the reformist trade unions.

The limits of Negri's class analysis: Italian autonomist theory in the seventies - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's critical analysis of Negri's ideas.