1919: The murder of Wesley Everest

The burial of Wesley Everest

The story of the lynching of the American revolutionary unionist and former soldier Wesley Everest by "patriots."

1919: The Seattle general strike

A general strike of 100,000 workers, which saw the city shut down and all essential services provided under workers' control.

The Lawrence textile strike, 1912 - Sam Lowry

Strikers face off with militia in Lawrence

A short history of the strike of 20,000 textile workers, mostly women and girls who included native and immigrant workers, which won big concessions over wages, conditions and hours for the entire textile industry

2001: The JeffBoat workers wildcat strike

IWW pickets Edinburgh Starbucks

Members of the IWW picketed a Starbucks in Edinburgh yesterday. A short report of the picket follows.

McGuckin, Henry - Memoirs of a Wobbly

An important contribution to the history of the Industrial Workers of the World. A superb account by a rank'n'file Wobbly organiser; on the road, on the job, on strike, in jail, on the run, coast to coast...

Heatwave Magazine - UK, 1960s

Mod & scooter, 1960s

Texts about and from 1966 British magazine Heatwave, which was linked to American Surrealists and radical unionists.

Sabotage and striking on the job - Louis Adamic

Louis Adamic immigrated to the United States from Yugoslavia at age 14 and was naturalized in 1918. This essay describes his experiences as a casual labourer in a variety of jobs during the 1920s, including his meetings with fellow workers who were members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the 'Wobblies'.