The council communists between the New Deal and fascism - Gabriella M. Bonacchi

A history by Gabriella M. Bonacchi of council communist efforts in the US in the 1930s.

Mattick, Paul, 1904-1981

Paul Mattick Sr

A short biography of German council communist tool maker-turned academic Paul Mattick.

Curlewis, Richard, 1917-2002

A biography of Australian advocate of workers' control, Richard Curlewis.

Barker, Tom, 1887-1970

After emigrating to New Zealand and joining the IWW, Tom Barker became an organiser for the syndicalist union, he organised the Auckland general strike of 1913 which led to him being forced to move to Sydney, Australia where he becamse editor of the IWW's Direct Action. He was deported to Chile in 1918 and then travelled the world organising workers, before returning to the UK in 1927.

Dolgoff, Sam, 1902-1990

An obituary and short biography of Russian-American labour organiser and anarcho-syndicalist Sam Dolgoff.

Fletcher, Ben, 1890-1949

A short sketch of life on the Philadelphia ports of black IWW member and dock worker, Ben Fletcher.