Zengakuren: Japan's revolutionary students


This is an excellent historical introduction to the period of Japanese student radicalism that began after the war in the wake of the increasingly ineffective strategies of the Japanese Communist Party and which culminated in massive social unrest and change around the Japanese school system and society in general.

Berlitz launches legal blitz against striking instructors in Tokyo

Berlitz General Union Tokyo (Begunto) supported by the National Union of General Workers (NUGW) have launched a strike against the international language school Berlitz.

1945: US responses to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 6, 1945, 8.15 am, atom bomb exploded 580 metres above Hiroshima

Selected quotations from US officials about the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japan which demonstrate that the bombing was not to end the war, but was to issue a warning to its Cold War rival.

The Chinese anarchist movement - Robert Scalpino and George T. Yu

The Chinese anarchist movement

A history of the Chinese anarchist movement in France, Japan and China itself from 1900 up to the formation of the Chinese Communist Party.

1918: Rice riots and strikes in Japan

From July-September 1918, Japan was swept with a wave of riots from rural fishing villages to major industrial centres and coal fields, in what was the largest upheaval in Japan to date, and the widest ranging popular disturbances since the unrest during the Meiji restoration of 1868.

Sakae, Osugi, 1885-1923

Osugi Sakae

A biography of Japanese anarchist Osugi Sakae.

Narita Airport riots (video clip)

Narita riots

A video of the riots against the construction of Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan during the 1970s.

Precarious workers and the cyber-homeless - Mayday march in Japan

Internet Café cubicle

There are 2.3 million young casualised and part-time workers in Japan.

1990: Worker insurgency in Osaka

You must help yourself: Neo-liberal geographies and worker insurgency in Osaka.

Notes on an ongoing workplace struggle - Sphinx

An article by Sphinx addressing workplace activity and the potential for organising disparate individuals in a Japanese workplace. The article is distinguished by its acceptance of, and engagement with, real world conditions, and yet is able to maintain a light and transcendent tone. It is also articulates the necessity for workers to establish their own goals.