Jared Davidson

100 years of anarchism in New Zealand celebrated today

Philip Josephs

100 years ago today, 9 July, the Freedom Group was formed in Wellington, New Zealand.

Socialist cross of honor: markings of a working class counter-culture

Short article on the Socialist Cross of Honor, a medal produced by the New Zealand Socialist Party in 1911. The now rare medal was given to anti-militarists jailed for resisting conscription, and played a pivotal role in fostering a radical working class counter-culture. Reproduced from LHP Newsletter 55.

Some (more) thoughts on activism, class struggle and material needs

A personal account of activism, class struggle and organizing around material needs by Jared Davidson (Beyond Resistance, New Zealand).

Pages from New Zealand history: Tracing Joe Hill's Ashes in New Zealand

Presentation on Joe Hill, the IWW and New Zealand's radical labour movement (video).

Past to present: lessons of the New Zealand labour movement

Video of a workshop given by Jared Davidson at Occupy Christchurch on union struggles in New Zealand, and draws out lessons that could inform our future activity.

Capitalism, class and class struggle for (ex) dummies

A brief introduction to capitalism, class, and class struggle. Downloadable, ready-to-print PDF adapted from libcom.org's introductions. Includes graphics.

'Wobblies Down Under': Joe Hill, the New Zealand IWW and censorship during World War One

MP3 download of a radio documentary on Joe Hill and the IWW in New Zealand, produced for Radio New Zealand (October 2011).

Direct democracy: An anarchist alternative to voting

A (hopefully) easy-to-read discussion of anarchist alternatives to voting such as direct democracy and federalism.

Remains to be seen: Tracing Joe Hill's ashes in New Zealand

Remains to be Seen traces the ashes of Joe Hill from their distribution in Chicago to wartime New Zealand. Drawing on previously unseen archival material, it examines the persecution of anarchists, socialists and Wobblies in New Zealand during the First World War. It also explores how intense censorship measures—put in place by the National Coalition Government of William Massey and zealously enforced by New Zealand’s Solicitor-General, Sir John Salmond—effectively silenced and suppressed the IWW in New Zealand.

This is not a manifesto: Towards an anarcho-design practice

Updated version of a text written by Jared Davidson (Garage Collective) in 2009, on the intersection of graphic design and anarchism. Downloadable in an A4 PDF.