Jason Brannigan

Northern Ireland flag protests the politics of distraction

On December 3rd Belfast City Council decided, by 29 votes to 21, to reduce the number of days the Union flag was flown above the city hall from 365 to 17 days a year. Within minutes of the vote a protest of over 1000 loyalists broke through the rear gates and into the grounds of the city hall. One security guard and a number of police were injured.

Rob the rich!

A call to arms to the working class from Jason Brannigan in The Leveller as the crisis bites and the rich continue to rob us blind.

Election Results Are In: No Vote Here!

Local anarchist group Organise! on the Northern Ireland Assembly and Council Elections 2011.

Belfast - Thousands march to oppose the cuts

Workers came out in their thousands in Belfast today to protest against government cuts that will see services slashed, benefits cut and an estimated 30,000 job losses.

Direct Action Gets the Goods

The following article is from issue 10 of Working Class Resistance, August 2005, published by Organise! and written by Jason Brannigan.

Starbucks Global Day of Action - Belfast picket

Organise! and the WSM picketed Starbucks in Belfast city centre today from 12 to 1 pm. Despite the miserable weather around 12 people joined the picket and leafleted passers by and potential customers outside the coffee shop.

Politics Without Parties - The future of trade unionism?

The following report is from the National Union of Journalists Annual Delegate Conference fringe meeting 'Politics without parties - the future of trade unionism'.

What is Socialism? An Anarchist Perspective.

The following is a piece written by Jason Brannigan from Organise! submitted in May 2007 as part of the James Connolly Debating Society's "What is Socialism?" discussion.