Sik, Toma, 1939-2004

Toma Sik, 1939-2004

A short biography of Israeli-Hungarian activist Toma Sik.

Landauer, Gustav, 1870-1919

Gustav Landauer

A short biography of German revolutionary Gustav Landauer, who was killed in the crushing of the German Revolution.

Malaquais, Jean, 1908-1998

Jean Malaquais.

A biography of the writer, communist, and "stateless person", Jean Malaquais.

Bleikhman, Iosif, 1868-1921


A short biography of Russian anarchist-communist sent to a Bolshevik labour camp, Iosif Bleikhman.

Edelstadt, David, 1866-1892

A short biography of Russian-Jewish anarchist and editor David Edelstadt.

Feldman, Leah, 1899-1993

Leah Feldman

A biography of Polish-born anarchist Leah Feldman, nicknamed the "Makhnovist Granny" who tirelessly devoted her life for the cause of working class emancipation.

Frager, Jack, 1903-1998

Jack Frager

A short biography of Ukrainian anarchist and labour activist Jack Frager.

Hoy, Senna, 1882-1914

Senna Hoy

A short biography of German Jewish anarchist and gay liberationist Senna Hoy.