The Jewish religion and its attitude to non-Jews: Part 2 - Israel Shahak

The concluding half of Shahak's major critical study of the Jewish religion and how many of its themes have penetrated zionist ideology despite its outwardly secular appearance.

Religion, zionism and secularism - Ehud Ein-Gil

Ehud Ein-Gil, a socialist from the Israeli group Matzpen, discusses the rise of religious fundamentalism in Israel and how the struggle against it overlaps with the struggle against zionism.

The Jewish religion and its attitude to non-Jews: Part 1 - Israel Shahak

The first of a two-part examination of medieval Judaism's attitude towards non-Jews and how they informed the racism inherent in zionism.

Are these the ideas of a heretic? - Gustav Landauer

Gustav Landauer

Like many other Jewish intellectuals of his day who sought to identify themselves as Jews, Landauer was estranged from the Jewish religion and communal institutions on the one hand, and yet was not satisfied with merely ethnic identification on the other. He was inspired by Martin Buber and his concept of a primal Jewish religiosity or spiritual sensibility that is independent of doctrine and ritual prescriptions.

Rosa Luxemburg: a true revolutionary

An article by Staughton Lynd about the socialist revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg.

A voice from the aliens: about the anti-alien resolution of the Cardiff Trade Union Congress

Voice from the Aliens cover image

No One Is Illegal's 2006 reprint of the first known leaflet against immigration controls, produced by Jewish textile workers in 1895.

Illfeld, Egon aka Ginez Garcia, 1914-198?

Illfeld on left

A short biography of the German Jewish anarchist Egon Illfeld, who fought in the Spanish civil war and was imprisoned by the Stalinists.

Zionism, demography and women's work - Avishai Ehrlich

A Marxist analysis on the role of women workers in Israeli society, showing how zionist colonisation affected the inequality of women who were used as a reserve source of labour whenever a shortage in the workforce threatened to hamper zionist goals.

The Makhnovshchina and Anti-Semitism- Nestor Makhno

A series of complaints about the pervasiveness of the allegations that the Makhnovschina where anti semitic and a list of the efforts gone to to disprove them.

To the Jews of all Countries- Nestor Makhno

In response to frequent accusations of anti-Semitism and leading pogroms against Jewish settlements in the Ukraine Nestor Makhno began a series of appeals to Jewish press and societies asking for verifiable information.