An open letter from Jerusalem - Uriel Kon

Operating Protecting Edge

Uriel Kon is an Argentine born Israeli. He is a writer and publisher and vocal opposer to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. This is a translation of an open letter he published, calling the Jewish community to stand up against Zionism.

The tortured dilemma - Haim Bresheeth

Dov Yermiya, Israeli war veteran and author of 'My War Diary'.

Review of two books summing up left-wing zionism's approach to Israeli war.

Footnote to the debate on Jewish racism - Moshe Machover

Armed Israeli settlers in Hebron.

Moshe Machover intervenes briefly into the debate between Israel Shahak and Roberto Sussman on Jewish racism.

The Jewish religion and its attitude to non-Jews: Part 2 - Israel Shahak

The concluding half of Shahak's major critical study of the Jewish religion and how many of its themes have penetrated zionist ideology despite its outwardly secular appearance.

Religion, zionism and secularism - Ehud Ein-Gil

Ehud Ein-Gil, a socialist from the Israeli group Matzpen, discusses the rise of religious fundamentalism in Israel and how the struggle against it overlaps with the struggle against zionism.

The Jewish religion and its attitude to non-Jews: Part 1 - Israel Shahak

The first of a two-part examination of medieval Judaism's attitude towards non-Jews and how they informed the racism inherent in zionism.

Are these the ideas of a heretic? - Gustav Landauer

Gustav Landauer

Like many other Jewish intellectuals of his day who sought to identify themselves as Jews, Landauer was estranged from the Jewish religion and communal institutions on the one hand, and yet was not satisfied with merely ethnic identification on the other. He was inspired by Martin Buber and his concept of a primal Jewish religiosity or spiritual sensibility that is independent of doctrine and ritual prescriptions.

Rosa Luxemburg: a true revolutionary

An article by Staughton Lynd about the socialist revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg.