job losses

Visteon occupation photo gallery, Enfield, 2009

Rally in support of Visteon occupation, 4th April 2009.

Photo gallery of the occupation of a Visteon car parts factory in Enfield, north London, after 200 workers were sacked without redundancy pay.

Car factory occupations spread across the UK

Sacked workers from the car parts firm Visteon have been occupying three factories across the UK since Wednesday.

Israeli health company freezes redundancies after strike

After Clalit Health Services' management decided on yesterday (Thursday 26th) to freeze its plan to dismiss 1,000 employees after Passover, some 30,000 workers at its hospitals and community clinics suspended their 24-hour strike and struggle against the country's largest health fund.

Gothenburg school pupils strike against job cuts

400 pupils at Sjumilaskolan in Gothenburg suburb Biskopsgården have been on a week long strike since angry parents got the message that half the staff was to be sacked due to the economic crisis and estimates of falling pupil numbers.

Canadian auto-workers occupy factory

A group of disgruntled workers at a recently closed auto parts supply company in Windsor, Ontario have taken over the plant.

Greek unions call 24 hour general strike

Greece's main labour body said Thursday it is calling a 24-hour general strike to protest more than 4,000 lay-offs that have swept the country in February.

Wildcat strike at German car part manufacturer

Workers at Karmann in Osnabrueck

Workers at car parts manufacturer Karmann have walked out after being informed of 1400 job cuts no redundancy pay.

Rumours of mass picket at BMW plant in Cowley, Oxford

After job cuts were announced at a BMW Mini car plant in Oxford, it is thought that workers, angry with both the company and their union, are planning a mass picket for tomorrow morning.

More job cuts announced, more to come

As the economic recession restates its international nature, further job losses are to be announced in Jamaica and Ireland, while Swedish unemployment rate rises 14% in one month and the International Labour Organisation predicts 7.2 million workers to be made redundant in Asia in 2009.

Staythorpe builders walk out over jobs

A protestor cycles past the Staythorpe power station, Nottinghamshire.

Building workers on a new power station downed tools on unofficial strike early today, as wildcat action and protests over unemployment in the building trades and the lack of allocation of jobs to local workers spread south from the Lindsey refinery at Immingham.