Kamunist Kranti

Questions for alternatives - Kamunist Kranti

A selection of texts by Kamunist Kranti on work, and its domination over all aspects of human life

A ballad against work - Kamunist Kranti

Indian communist group Kamunist Kranti's pamphlet about and against wage labour.

Revolutionary “Termites” in Faridabad: A Proletarian Current In India Confronts Third Worldist Statism

An analysis of the struggles by workers in Faridabad and of the involvement of the Kamunist Kranti. This article originally appeared in Collective Action Notes (Baltimore, USA) Fall 1998, with a reply by Kamunist Kranti.

Reflections on Marx's critique of political economy - Kamunist Kranti


Pamphlet by Indian left communists Kamunist Kranti with their take on Karl Marx's critique of political economy.

Self-Activity of Wage Workers

Kamunist Kranti on working class self-organisation.