Karl Kautsky

Responses to Marx's Capital: from Rudolf Hilferding to Isaak Illich Rubin

Collection of primary sources dealing with the reception of the economic works of Karl Marx from the 1st to the 3rd International. The documents, translated for the first time from German and Russian, range from the original reviews of Capitals 1 to 3 and Theories of Surplus Value, to debates between Marxist economists and the bourgeois academic representatives of the theory of marginal utility and the German historical school.

Whatever happened to Dear old Lenin?

I read a book by Lenin and I made some notes. The emphasis in the quotes are mine.

Drei Kleine Schriften über Marx - Karl Kautsky

karl kautsky

Kautsky reviews three short books on Marx:
Max Beer, Karl Marx, Eine Monographie. Berlin, Verlag für Sozialwissenschaft 1918. 108 S.
Hermann Müller, Karl Marx und die Gewerkschaften. Ebenda 1918. 106 S.
Robert Wilbrandt, Karl Marx. Versuch einer Einführung. ('"Natur und Geisteswelt" 621). Leipzig, Teubner 1918. 135 S.

Furious gold

Marxism Furious gold Kautsky Hilferding Varga Korsch Marx Bauer

Additional materials to the (forthcoming) volume 'Marxist essays on the theory of money' (edited by Daniel Gaido and Noa Rodman).

Different critics of the Bolsheviks - Karl Kautsky

24 March 1918, Mitteilungsblatt (der Berliner SPD). Translation (in part) of Verschiedene Kritiker der Bolschewiki. Reproduced for reference.

Review: The Mohammedan-Arabic cultural epoch - Karl Kautsky

Kautsky recommends the 1884 book of socialist leader August Bebel, Die mohammedanisch-arabische Kulturperiode, Stuttgart: Dietz. 144 pp.
Source: Die Neue Zeit 2 (1884), 5: 236–37.

Karl Kautskys literarisches Werk - Werner Blumenberg

Karl Kautsky

Bibliography of Kautsky, 158 pp., The Hague, 1960.

Money, treasure-building - Karl Kautsky

Kautsky money furious gold additional materials

Translation of two chapters from a section on the state in Kautsky's 1927 magnum opus on the materialist conception of history. (Reproduced for reference only)

Money matters - Karl Kautsky

example of Reichsbanknote

Translation of final one-third (pp. 140–56) of chapter seven (money) in Kautsky, Karl 1918, Sozialdemokratische Bemerkungen zur Uebergangswirtschaft [Social-democratic remarks on the transition economy]. (Reproduced for reference only)

Phasen und Zeitschriften des Marxismus - Karl Kautsky

Die Neue Zeit Die Gesellschaft. Internationale Revue für Sozialismus und Politik

Kautsky on the phases and journals of Marxism, on occasion of the launch of Die Gesellschaft. Internationale Revue für Sozialismus und Politik (1924–33), successor to Die Neue Zeit. The journal was edited by Hilferding and later Albert Salomon. It is online here.