Kolektivne Proti Kapitalu

Unoffical strike in auto-sector in Czech

300 workers were on strike because of wages in factory owned by company Grammer in town Most (North Czech) today. The strike which was organized by workers themselves was started by morning shift and joined by afternoon shift.

Leaflet: The struggle in Nošovice was started by workers. It belongs to them!

Today we distributed a leaflet in front of the Hyundai factory in Nošovice, where there was a wildcat strike recently (check out this article by the Slovak IWA section, Priama akcia, for more information). This is a rough English translation of the text.

The struggle against crisis: We can only rely on ourselves!

This leaflet by KPK contains also a sketch of balance of power between proletariat and capital in Czech both now and during years before the crisis. It was distributed at unionist demo in May.

Whenever there's talk of fascism, there's talk of capitalism

The leaflet which was distributed by Kolektivně proti kapitálu (KPK; Collectively Against Capital) at the May Day Festival organized by Antifascist Action in Prague.

June 24th 2008: a strike that gave the workers little and didn't harm the bosses (II. KPK Bulletin)

A brief presentation of a strike led by trade unions in the Czech Republic in 2008.

Class struggle in the automotive industry: Will it step on the gas? - The preface

Preface to the bulletin “Class Struggle In The Automotive Industry: Will It Step On The Gas?” published by Kolektivne proti kapitalu (Collectively Against Capital, KPK) in June 2007

Leaflet: Gaining as much as possible from Škoda´s profit!

The leaflet spread in Skoda/Volkswagen factories in three towns in February 2007 by KPK.

Foreign investments in the Czech Republic: Boom or fall? 2004

Czech factory

Article analysing foreign investment and business in the Czech Republic since 1989 and recent changes which are occuring.

Migrant workers in the Czech Republic, 2005

One of Czech's many factories

An article about the situation of predominantly Slovakian and Ukrainian immigrant workers in the Czech Republic in 2005.