The Kronstadt commune 1921 - The Red Menace

Kronstadt's rebel battleship The Petropavlovsk

The Red Menace's analysis of the Kronstadt rebellion.

Yarchuk, Efim, 1882 or 1886-1937


A short biography of Efim Yarchuk, who played an important role in the rebellious town of Kronstadt.

The Truth about Kronstadt

Pravda o Kronshtadte (cover)

A translation of Pravda o Kronshtadte, produced by SRs shortly after the event in 1921.

1921: Kronstadt: Proletarian spin-off of the Russian Revolution - Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel's pamphlet on the Kronstadt rebellion

Stalinism’s loyal opposition - The counter-revolutionary politics of Trotsky


This article was originally written to refute lies about the history of 20th century revolutionary movements peddled by the Trotskyists of the Spartacus League.

Mett, Ida, 1901-1973

Ida Mett

A short biography Ida Mett, Russian anarchist and author of The Kronstadt Commune about the uprising against the new Bolshevik dictatorship following the Russian Revolution.

1921: The Kronstadt rebellion

The Red Army attacking Kronstadt

The history of the rising of the naval town of Kronstadt in Russia by workers and sailors supporting the original aims of the 1917 Revolution against the new Bolshevik dictatorship. The rebellion was crushed by Red Army troops under Trotsky's command.

The Kronstadt Uprising of 1921 - Lynne Thorndycraft

The story of the Kronstadt revolt, compactly told, a decisive moment in the Bolshevik counter-revolution.

Zhelezniakov, Anatoli, 1895-1919 - stormy petrel


A short sketch of the life of a young Russian anarchist sailor who, in collaboration with the Bolsheviks and others, was on hand to disperse both the Provisional Government in October 1917 and the Constituent Assembly in January 1918.

Kronstadt '21 - Victor Serge

We reproduce an excerpt from Memoirs of a Revolutionary, (1945) by Victor Serge on the Kronstadt rebellion against the Bolshevik autocracy, its dictatorship over the proletariat. Despite Serge remaining an (albeit highly critical) Bolshevik apologist and remaining in the camp of those who claimed Kronstadt as 'a tragic necessity', he is honest enough to describe the facts of the situation in their own damning terms.