Amazon: A new business model better able to manage the contradictions of the capitalist mode of production

Amazon cardboard robot

An attempt to understand the functioning of one the world's most powerful companies using marxist categories - explaining how Amazon manages to combine the functions of productive, comercial and finance capital. The intention is, of course, to try to work out the implications for class strugle...

Kuwaiti government's brutal crackdown on ‘stateless’ people

Kuwaiti security forces use dogs, tear gas, armoured vehicles, and water cannons, against protesting 'stateless' people, who are demanding citizenship and basic human rights.

Gang warfare in the Gulf

Libertarian/council communist group Subversion argue against support for either side in the Gulf War.

We won't pay for the bosses' war - No War But The Class War

Leaflet from 1991, looking at the logic behind the impending Gulf War, and its meaning for the working class, both in the UK and internationally.

In the Gulf, in the North Sea, we won't die for oil profits. Support North Sea strikers! Class war not oil war!

1988 Piper Alpha disaster in which 167 workers died

Leaflet produced in the lead-up to the 1990 Gulf War, linking the deaths of workers on North Sea oil rigs, and workers at war.

Bangladesh: migrants export class struggle

In recent days over 800 Bangladeshi workers have been deported by the Kuwaiti government for organising strikes and violent protests.

1991: The South Iraq and Kurdistan uprisings

Kurdish fighters in 1991

The history of the uprisings in Southern Iraq and Kurdistan in 1990-91 which involved large numbers of mutinous troops who had deserted during the Kuwait Gulf War.

1990-1991: The Gulf War

Noam Chomsky on the 1991 US and UK war with Iraq following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

1990-1991: Resistance to the Gulf War

Demonstrators crowd the streets of Washington to protest against the Gulf War

An account of the worldwide movement of resistance to the 1990-91 Gulf War. The resistance mainly took the form of strikes, marches, base blockades and refusals to fight.

Iraqi mass mutiny in the Gulf War, 1990-1991

Thousands of deserting soldiers and civilians massacred by the US on the Basra r

History of the widespread desertion and mutiny in the Iraqi military which saw the rapid end of the occupation of Kuwait and the Gulf War of 1990-1 with the US and its allies.