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Georges Sorel

Larry Portis' full biography of French revolutionary syndicalist Georges Sorel.

The Poverty of French Rock ‘n’ Roll by Larry Portis

Johnny Hallyday album cover from the early 60s

This is chapter 6 of Larry Portis' book French Frenzies.
Larry Portis died a week ago near Ales in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of the South West of France, and was buried just 2 days ago on Friday afternoon. He died suddenly of a totally unpredictable heart attack, at the tender age of 67, almost 68.
The following is an example of the originality of his research, which, despite its academic stance , is full of fascinating facts and insights, which can form the basis for a more proletarian critique of musical forms. Despite all its faults, it's a really good read. Enjoy!