Lars T. Lih

Lenin rediscovered: what is to be done? in context - Lars T. Lih

Lars T. Lih challenges the conventional interpretation of V. I. Lenin’s classic text, included here is an authoritative new translation. What Is to Be Done? has long been interpreted as evidence of Lenin’s “elitist” attitude toward workers. Lih uses a wide range of previously unavailable contextual sources to fundamentally overturn this reading of history’s most misunderstood revolutionary text. He argues that Lenin’s polemic must be seen within the context of a rising worker’s movement in Russia, and shows that Lenin’s perspective fit squarely within the mainstream of the socialist movement of his time.

Bolshevik Razverstka and War Communism

Lars T. Lih on the Bolshevik policies of war communism and what they meant for workers and peasants.

Political Testament of Lenin and Bukharin and the Meaning of NEP

NEP-period marketplace.

Lars T. Lih on Lenin, Bukharin and the new economic policy of the Bolsheviks. In PDF format.

The Mystery of ABC of Communism (of Bukharin and Preobrazensky)

An academic article challenging the anti-bolshevik thesis that the bolshevik policies implemented in war communism period was an indication of their "innate" stalinism. Presenting his case on a reading of ABC of Communism, Lih questions the validity of bias against the Bolsheviks based on the idea that, they were already trying to establish state capitalism with War Communism and they were confusing state capitalism with socialism.