Left History

Review: "Socialisme ou Barbarie." Un engagement politique et intellectuel dans la France de I'après-guerre

Marcel van der Linden reviews Philippe Gottraux's book on French libertarian socialist group, Socialisme ou Barbarie.

Quakertown blues: Philadelphia's longshoremen and the decline of the IWW

An essay by Peter Cole on the relationship between the IWW and Communism and how the collapse of the IWW had much to do with postwar events, including internal conflicts over centralization and Communism, rather than only wartime repression.

Review: Civil rights unionism: Tobacco workers and the struggle for democracy in the mid-twentieth century south

A review of Robert Korstad's book on Local 22 of the Food, Tobacco, Agricultural, and Allied Workers of America-CIO between 1943 and 1950

"Workers of the world, embrace!" Daniel Guerin, the labour movement and homosexuality

David Berry's biographical account of Guerin's discovery of the working class and of the links between this and his homosexuality; and a discussion of his attempts to generalise from these experiences and to theorise the question in order to inform his political choices.

Gender and labour/working class history in comparative perspective: the syndicalist and Wobbly experience in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand

An essay incorporating some theoretical insights about gender and labour/working class history that might help to situate the IWW and syndicalism in a new light while problematizing our understanding of the interactions of gender within that history.

Reacting to the workers’ revolt: The Lakehead and the Winnipeg General Strike

A piece by Michel S. Beaulieu on Lakehead workers and their relation to the radicalism that culminated in labor unrest in Canada between 1917-1925.

Review: Revolution and counterrevolution: Class struggle in a Moscow metal factory and worker resistance under Stalin: Class and revolution on the shop floor

A review of two books on the topic of working class responses to Stalinism in the USSR.

Review: Radical unionism in the mid-west, 1900-1950

A review of a book on radical union in the Midwestern U.S., mostly from the 1930s-1950s.

Socialisme ou Barbarie: A French Revolutionary Group, 1949-1965

An article about French libertarian socialist group Socialisme ou Barbarie - Socialism or Barbarism. SouB had a theoretical influence on the Situationist International and others of their time.