Fascists attack paper sale in Lewisham

Whilst undertaking their usual Saturday morning paper sale in Lewisham several SWP members were viciously assaulted by a group of fascists. At least two people required hospital treatment. This is the latest in a growing list of attacks against anyone that the fascists deem to be 'left wing'.

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Reports on Twitter and elsewhere that one person (and possibly two people) needed hospital treatment today after extreme right wing thugs attacked a socialist stall in Lewisham town centre.

Resistance issue 131, April 2011

Full text and PDF of the Anarchist Federation's monthly bulletin.

The Free Hetherington Evicted... Then Re-Occupied!
There have been interesting developments with the Free Hetherington occupation at Glasgow University since we last reported on it (see Resistance #130).

Lewisham Bridge School Heritage listing upheld

Parents occupying Lewisham Bridge Primary School in south-east London are a step closer to keeping the school open after the English Heritage Grade 2 status of the school was upheld.

Supporters and parents of children have been encouraged by the news that Lewisham Bridge Primary School's status as a Grade 2 English Heritage site has been upheld. This means that the school cannot be knocked down and replaced, as had been intended.

Lewisham Bridge school occupation

Parents have occupied the roof of a South London primary school in a bid to keep it open.

On the morning of April 23rd, parents of children at Lewisham Bridge Primary School, Elmira Street, Lewisham, occupied the roof of the school buildings. They are protesting against Lewisham Council's decision to demolish the school and replace it with a new school run by a private company for ages 3 through to 16.

Anti-social behaviour: a view from a London estate

Short article with comment on anti-social behaviour, ASBOs, government policy and class in the London Borough of Lewisham.

1977: The Battle of Lewisham

1977 lewisham.jpg

An account of the street battles which took place in London when local residents decided to stop a fascist National Front march in their community.

On August 13 1977, the fascist National Front (NF) tried to march through the multi-racial working class area of Lewisham in South East London. It was a national mobilisation with local NF branches coming from all over Britain. However, a large anti-racist mobilisation turned out to oppose them in what was to become the biggest street battle against the fascists since Cable Street in 1936.

Sharpley, Kate, 1891-1978

Kate Sharpley

Brief biographical information about London resident, anarchist and World War I-widow, Kate Sharpley who once attacked Queen Mary.

Albert Meltzer first met Kate Sharpley on the day of the Lewisham anti-National Front riot in 1977 when he got into an altercation with some racists on the train home. One of the passengers was a frail lady in her eighties, going up to Guy's & St.