Tea Break 2 - local government strike, July 2008

New issue of the irregular workers' bulletin put together by users of the website, focusing on the 2008 pay dispute over sub-inflation pay offers.

A brief account of Unison's national conference, 2008

A critical account of the 2008 Unison national delegate conference by libcom group member Steven Johns, analysing how the union's bureaucracy systematically attempts to remove control of the union from its rank and file and also looking at the response to the from the union's left-wing.

April 24 – hundreds of thousands to walk out

On Thursday April 24 thousands of civil servants, coastguards, council workers, FE lecturers and charity workers will join a national teachers strike of 200,000.

Libcom posters

Libcom posters, taken from publications by Not for flyposting.

Agency staff: Don't scab on your fellow workers! - Pracownicy agencji: Nie bądźcie łamistrajkami!

A bilingual English-Polish leaflet produced to counter Royal Mail using casual labour against the 2007 national postal strike. As text in English and Polish and a bilingual pdf laid-out for printing as a double-sided A5 leaflet.

Notes on working at a sixth form college library, London 2005-2007

A London college library

Between 2005-2007 a member of the libcom group worked term-time in the library at a Sixth Form College in London. This article/interview documents his attempts to organise his workplace and touches on some wider issues around working in education in the UK.

1918: Rice riots and strikes in Japan

From July-September 1918, Japan was swept with a wave of riots from rural fishing villages to major industrial centres and coal fields, in what was the largest upheaval in Japan to date, and the widest ranging popular disturbances since the unrest during the Meiji restoration of 1868.

Dispatch 1 - Royal Mail strikes, August 2007

First issue of a bulletin about the public sector pay struggles of summer 2007 by a group of workers around This issue focusses on postal workers.

Interview with a member of, 2007

A critical interview by Wayne Foster of Steven Johns from the libcom group, about the project and the general state of things.

The Vichuga uprising, 1932

Soviet poster exhorting factory workers to join the Bolsheviks, 1932

In April 1932 at Vichuga, Ivanovo Industrial Region (IPO), USSR, 16,000 textile workers struck at several factories and temporarily took control of the town until the uprising was crushed by both heavy repression and promises of reform from central Soviet command.