Liberté Locke

The toughest skin - Liberté Locke

A great, short article by Liberté Locke demonstrating the differing experiences one can have at work, based on issues of identity.

When organizing your workplace feels utterly impossible

A column by Liberté Locke on some of the hurdles and frustration one encounters in workplace organizing.

Christmas at Starbucks - Liberté Locke

An account by Liberté Locke about working at Starbucks in New York over the Christmas season.

Because you should have clocked in at 7…

Because you should have clocked in at 7…

In memory of assaulted and slain Starbucks barista Whitney Heichel.


Coping with clopening: retail worker’s most dreaded shift

Our friend Liberté Locke writes about what it’s like to work a ‘clopen’ in retail, to close the store late at night and get up early the next morning to open the store. Liberte’s story is the first in a series of stories we’re going to be running about work, sleep, and dreams. In their own way each of these stories gets at an important part of life under capitalism. Capitalists make their money by making us make products and perform services that the capitalists own. They don’t pay us the full value of what we add to those products and services. That’s key to capitalists’ profits. This is a kind of robbery. But there’s another kind of robbery...

Keeping your job while under fire

An account of attempts to discipline a union organizer.

Being the bigger person

Union organizer with the IWW Starbucks Workers Union dispels the sentiment that 'being the better person' must entail living as a doormat.

Mon corps, mes règles: Un argument pour que les survivantes(s) de viol et de violence domestique deviennent des militantes(s) syndicalistes

Liberté Locke, une militante au syndicat des travailleurs de Starbuck, écrit dans cet article la similarité entre la violence au travail et la violence sexuelle. Elle explique en effet que les agresseurs sexuels et les patrons utilisent les mêmes techniques de contrôle et qu’il nous est nécessaire de se battre contre ces deux formes d’oppression.

My body, my rules: a case for rape and domestic violence survivors becoming workplace organizers

Liberté Locke, a Starbucks Workers Union organizer, writes about how violence at work and in our personal lives are similar, how domestic abusers and bosses use the same techniques of control and that we need to fight both.