Libertarian Labor Review

Bakunin and the Historians

Anarcho Syndicalist Review 2015 Winter 63 with follow up to summer 1992 review

Libertarian Labor Review (later renamed Anarcho Syndicalist Review)
Summer 1992
“Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin, the anarchist, was a political thinker; his reputation, based partly on his appetite for action and partly on unsympathetic historiography, obscures this…” Robert Cutler opens the introduction to his anthology of Bakunin’s writings with these words. Another historian, Nunzio Pernicone, deplores the modern fashion of “Bakunin-bashing.” And Arthur Lehning, in a 1978 review of the historical literature, refers to a conspiracy of silence...

Book Review: Anarchist Portraits – Sam Dolgoff

Sam Dolgoff's review of Paul Avrich’s book Anarchist Portraits.

Originally published in "Libertarian Labor Review" # 7 1989

Review Essay: Carlo Tresca Remembered – Sam Dolgoff

Originally published in "Libertarian Labor Review" # 6 1989

Ben Fletcher: portrait of a black syndicalist

A biography of black IWW member and organiser Ben Fletcher, written by Jeff Stein. Originally appeared in the Libertarian Labor Review (Summer 1987) Scanned by Juan Conatz. Materials courtesy of Twin Cities IWW archives.