Forgotten revolution: Limerick soviet, 1919 - Liam Cahill

Historian Liam Cahill's look at the 1919 Limerick soviet and the conditions in which it was created.

Kavanagh, Mat, 1876-1954

Mat Kavanagh

A short biography of Mat Kavanagh, Liverpool-Irish class struggle anarchist.

“For the young anarchists of the 30s, of whom I was one, and right until the 50s, Mat was our link with the traditional working class Anarchism of the past and our mentor as no other” - Albert Meltzer

More bus wildcats in Ireland

Limerick bus depot

For the second week in a row, Bus Eirann workers in the mid-west of Ireland have gone on wildcat strike

29 part-time school bus drivers took part in the action, protesting increasing 'flexibility' in working practices. 2,000 children in Askeaton, Doon, Hospital, Kilfinnan, Newport and Pallaskenry were affected today as part-time school bus drivers carried out a strike at the Limerick bus depot for the second week running. The action also impacted on services in Tipperary and south Galway.

Bus drivers wildcat in Limerick

A wildcat strike of bus workers brought transport to a standstill across the west of Ireland today (Friday 4th April).

Twenty-five workers at the Bus Eirann bus company awaiting the implementation of a new pay deal took part in the stoppage as part of an ongoing dispute. The union, SIPTU, did not support the action, however, as it is still in negotiations at the Labour Relations Commission and urged the striking workers to go back to work.

The story of the Limerick soviet, 1919 - D.R. O'Connor Lysaght

The Limerick Soviet, 1919

The story of the Limerick soviet and general strike, April 1919 by D.R. O'Connor Lysaght, written in 1979.


On 21st January, 1919, Dail Eireann held its opening session and the Irish Volunteers drew their first mortal blood since 1916 at Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. These facts have set the seal for subsequent historians of the first months of the year.