London Workers Group

Anarchy #24 1977

Issue 24 of Anarchy Magazine, with articles on state terrorism, Albert Meltzer on lessons from the Spanish and German revolutionary movements, sabotage tactics, work and non-work, the police, graffiti, the NHS, euthanasia, Denmark, letters, an advert for the London Workers Group and more. This issue is particularly notable as the article on work and non-work was written by "Graham Coates", an undercover policeman infiltrating the anarchist movement.

London Workers Group Bulletin #12 May 1982

London Workers Group Bulletin #12 including: Alternative Economic Strategy, Job Reports (print, rail, printers in Poland, farm labouring, dole), Is Workers Self-Management Just Self Abuse, Industrial Technology - less or none?, Council Communism Today, In The Course of Time, International Discussion Bulletin, Toulouse Conference Report, more on bloody assemblies in Spain.

"more tiny unreadable type than ever before, ho hum"

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London Workers Group Bulletin #14 October 1983

LWG bulletin from late 1983.

PDF courtesy of Sparrows Nest archive, Nottingham

London Workers Group Bulletin #13 February 1983

An issue of the LWG bulletin from 1983. Contents include NHS Dispute, ASLEF strike, Work or Dole?, Correspondence, Unemployed Groups, Press Agency job report, The Economic Crisis.

London Workers Group Bulletin #9 December 1980

London Workers Group bulletin from December 1980. Contents include Poland, unions, secretarial work, apprenticeships, job reports, "Autonomous Groups - what are they?".

Scan courtesy of Sparrows Nest archive in Nottingham.

London Workers Group Bulletin #8 June 1980

Issue 8 of the LWG bulletin, scanned in by Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.

Contents include: Provincial Newspapers Wages Struggle, Post Office struggles, Direct Action Movement conference report, British Rail, Pour Une Intervention Communiste write, LWG - first quarter of 1980, 5th Congress of the CNT-AIT.

Full Employment Funnies

Two versions of a double sided anti-work flyer published in 1980 and 1981.

The first version of the cartoon was by "Black Currant" who was also the cartoonist for Xtra! magazine. The text on the reverse was by a number of indviduals involved with Rising Free in Islington and the London Workers Group.

The second version of the cartoon was adapted by "Rosanne". The text was reworked for this version also.

London Workers Group Bulletin #11 August 1981

An issue of London Workers Group bulletin from 1981.

Featuring articles on riots, report from a nurse, report from a postal worker, Press Association dispute with clerical workers, BBC Publications strike, British Rail workers, automation/information technology, report on claimants and unwaged conferences in South East England and Leicester, union bureaucrats, Poland, letter from Albert Meltzer, Workers Autonomy leaflet from France.

London Workers Group Bulletin #10 May 1981

An issue of the bulletin produced by London Workers Group from May 1981.

An "unemployment special" Including articles on the myth and reality of unemployment, unemployment and organisation, report on London Unemployed Peoples Conference, list of claimants unions, book review: In And Against The State, Librarians against literacy, Brixton riots, assembiles in Spain, Stuff Forte campaign, parody letter from Ted Knight causes controversy in Brixton, the unions and the lives of the workers by Combate (Portugal).

London Workers Group Bulletin #6 1979

An issue of the London Workers Group bulletin, probably from 1979. Articles on Tory economic policy, lessons learned from the Garners restaurant strike, Direct Action Movement conference report, rank and file (SWP-affiliated) conference report, public sector workers - cuts, engineers' stop work campaign, report from a librarian, CNT - an assessment.