Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin

Statement in Support for the Call for a Tribunal of the Events in Genoa, Italy

Several people have written to me from Genoa, telling me of what they suffered during the recent protests there. I join in with those who are beginning to call for an international tribunal to investigate the police murder of Carlo Guiliani, and the brutal attacks upon the Genoa Social Forum and the Italian section of the Independent Media Center by Italian police and security services. These attacks were clearly organized by the Italian state security and political forces, working in consultation with the secret police agencies of the G-8 nations. The decision for this brutal repression was made earlier at a Spanish conference of police officials in Europe this past February to decide upon how to beat back the anti-globalization movement. I had made a statement denouncing this meeting at the time, alerting protesters that much more severe repression was coming.

Racist Insurance Racket

When I was a boy coming up in the South, I used to hate to see the army of white insurance men coming into the Black community. They represented a variety of companies, many long since having been swallowed up by some multinational conglomerate, or not even in existence at all now. But I remember them well.

Reflection On Doctor King

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin's analysis of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I am not one of a number of persons and commentators who come merely to hypocritically give salutations to Dr. King, when in their own times, they betray his entire history of activism. In fact, the political establishment present us with a Martin Luther King, who never really existed.

Police Death Squads

Police death squads in American cities are a sign of the times. Every year in the USA anywhere about 800-1,000 persons are killed in police custody. Like the nine people in Detroit this year, Amadou Diallo in NYC, Tiyesha Miller in Riverside, California, and many others whose names we don't know, they were undeniably slaughtered by the police.

Will the Revolution Be Televised?

I was reading a letter from an activist a few days ago about the protests around the Democratic and Republican political conventions this past Summer, and about how the media distorted and covered up everything that happened. Did you know that over 3,000 persons have been arrested since the November 30, 1999 demonstration in Seattle?

Where Was the Support for Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and the Chattanooga 3?

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin is a Black Autonomous Anarchist comrade, and a personal friend of mine, who's been in many struggles throughout his life and has paved many paths for the oppressed. This man was once involved with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)during the early sit-in campaigns in the South to stop racial segregation and inequality.

Anarchist vs. Marxist-Leninist Thought on the Organization of Society

Historically, there have been three major forms of socialism -- Libertarian Socialism (Anarchism), Authoritarian Socialism (Marxist Communism), and Democratic Socialism (electoral social democracy). The non-Anarchist Left has echoed the bourgeoisie's portrayal of Anarchism as an ideology of chaos and lunacy. But Anarchism, and especially Anarchist-Communism, has nothing in common with this image.

Statement by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin (on his imprisonment in Australia)

I wish to make this statement to the Australian people, and especially to the Black people of this country. It will probably be my last statement as I shall have been forced out of the country or held incommunicado at an undisclosed prison in another part of Australia, a place where my attorneys will not be able to freely visit me.

Authoritarian Leftists: KILL THE COP IN YOUR HEAD!

It's difficult to know where to begin with this open letter to the various European-american leftist (Marxist-Leninist and Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, in particular) groups within the United States. I have many issues with many groups; some general, some very specific. The way in which this is presented may seem scattered at first, but I encourage all of you to read and consider carefully what I have written in its entirety before you pass any judgements.