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A publication of Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, an anarchist influenced "revolutionary federation of community councils and liberated spaces based in occupied communities made up of oppressed people of color" in Los Angeles.


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Originally posted: February 12, 2009 at LA Indymedia

1941: Disney cartoonists strike

A short history of a strike by Disney animators in 1941 and the organisation in the years building up to it.

Throughout the 1930s workers of the flourishing entertainment industry of Hollywood had been organising themselves into unions. Stagehands, actors, directors, editors and writers had all successfully, albeit slowly, formed their own organisations through this massive drive for union recognition.

1992: The LA riots

A brief account of the six days of rioting which set Los Angeles aflame following the acquittal of four police officers who were filmed beating black motorist Rodney King.

"There's a difference between frustration with the law and direct assaults upon our legal system."
- George Bush Snr., May 3rd, 1992.

2003-2004: Los Angeles supermarket strike

The history of a huge five-month strike and lockout of 70,000 supermarket workers in California, which ended in defeat.

The walkout was against cuts in benefits, and run almost entirely by union leaderships. While the supermarkets lost $2.5bn in profits, they succeeded in beating the strike and imposing the cuts.

Notes on Another Defeat for Workers in the US

LA '92: The context of a proletarian uprising

Distorted by the bourgeois press, reduced to a mere 'race riot' by many on the left, the L.A. rebellion was the most serious urban uprising this century. This article seeks to grasp the full significance of these events by relating them to their context of class re-composition and capitalist restructuring.

April 29th, 1992, Los Angeles exploded in the most serious urban uprising in America this century. It took the federal army, the national guard and police from throughout the country five days to restore order, by which time residents of L.A. had appropriated millions of dollars worth of goods and destroyed a billion dollars of capitalist property.