France: university students continue strikes

Students blocking Gare du Nord in April 2006

More news from the developing movement in France.

France: some updates on student strikes

The entry to the re-occupied Nantes Campus

Updates and reports from AG, blockades and strikes across France.

Nanterre strike leaflet

A translation of a leaflet distributed by students involved in the strike action and blockades.

France: report from Nanterre University

A brief report on the occupation at Nanterre university.

Student strikes begin in France

Students across France are voting to strike to protect their right to an education and to demand improvements.

General meeting at Nanterre

This is a translation of a flyer produced by Nanterre students.

Assemblée générale at Nanterre

This is a translation of a report of the Assemblée générale held at Nanterre, issued by the student group AGEN (general association of students of Nanterre)