Lucien van der Walt

The First Globalisation and Transnational Labour Activism in Southern Africa: White Labourism, the IWW, and the ICU, 1904–1934

South African coal miners, 1920s.

Lucien van der Walt on transnational labour activism in Southern Africa in the first half of the twentieth century.

The Kurdish Question: Through the lens of Anarchist Resistance in the Heart of the Ottoman Empire 1880-1923 - Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt

"This study of recent anti-imperialist resistance in Kurdistan, looking back to the anarchist resistance in the Ottoman heartland in the period before the formation of the Turkish state, consists of extracts — kindly proof-read in part by Will Firth — from the forthcoming book by Schmidt & van der Walt, Global Fire: 150 Fighting Years of International Anarchism & Syndicalism, Counter-power Vol.2, AK Press, USA, scheduled for release in about 2011." [retrieved from]

'This is class warfare' the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe

Lucien van der Walt on the potential of Zimbabwean trade unions' to force change during a wave of strike action in 1998.

Trade unions in Zimbabwe: For democracy, against neo-liberalism

Lucien van der Walt's paper on the state of organised labour in Zimbabwe circa 1998.

The influence of the IWW in South Africa - Lucien van der Walt

An article by Lucien van der Walt on the IWW's impact on South African political affairs and those of neighbouring countries in the early twentieth century.

Labour in South Africa: A sleeping giant?

A chapter by Lucien van der Walt providing a brief overview of the union movement in South Africa, black and white, its achievements and its challenges.This includes a discussion of all the main union federations and their background, including the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA).

The politics of land: ZANU vs. the MDC

An article from 2000 by Samuel Kariuki and Lucien van der Walt on the issue of land in Zimbabwean politics and the potential lessons from neighbouring South Africa.

The voice from below: Zambian workers speak out

A 1997 article in which Sakhela Buhlungu and Lucien van der Walt talk with Zambian workers about the country's economic liberalisation and its effects on their conditions and militancy.

The anarchist movement in North Africa: 1877-1951

Normally eurocentric, Lucien van der Walt and Michael Schmidt sketch out the anarchist movement in North Arica until the mid-twentieth century.

Rethinking welfare: A radical critique - Lucien van der Walt

In 2006, Cosatu called for the introduction of a universal basic incomes grant in response to the ANC introducing various welfare measures to alleviate poverty. Lucien van der Walt argued that that unions had been sidestracked by technocratic demands and that the demand for welfare should instead be linked to the struggle of the working class to reinvent society.