Luther Blissett

Q - Luther Blissett

Set in the time of tremendous religious and political upheaval caused by the Reformation in Europe, Q begins with Luther nailing his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg cathedral -- a historical flash point which would completely disrupt European society. The novel traces the adventures and conflicts of two central characters as they travel across Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. One is an Anabaptist, a member of the most radical Protestant sect. These are the anarchists of the Reformation who revolted against Catholicism and the emerging Reformation church. The other is a Catholic spy and informer.

BIGGER CAGES/LONGER CHAINS: The March for the Alternative

DSG aimed to publish posts and propaganda from various sources as provocation and stimulation. The following text was produced by a London-based Trade Unionist. It is credited to “Luther Blissett”.

The last novel of the twentieth century

An excerpt from a long review of "Q" by Luther Blisset, written by Franco "Bifo" Berardi and published on Derive Approdi #19, Rome, Springtime 2000

'Consensus' and its Discontents

A critique of 'consensus' decision making processes, based on analysis, and the personal experiences of a refugee from 'activistism', with a look at some historical precedents.

Occupation, not democracy! (Greek student leaflet, 2006)

Greek university occupation, Summer 2006

This is a short text then a copy of a leaflet by a group in Thessaloniki called Blaumachen, about the student movement opposed to education "reforms" in Greece around May and June 2006. Posted online on June 4th 2006, taken from Blaumachen's website.