The French silk workers revolt, 1834

The revolt in 1831

A short account of the Lyon silk workers strike of 1834.

Lyon, France: Strike at Domino's Pizza

News of the struggle against Domino's Pizza Friday in the 8th district to protest working conditions and low wages. Here is the translated text from the site, edited for this post.

4 April: CPE protest live updates

Hour-by-hour coverage of the day of strikes, demonstrations and further blockades and occupations across France against the new employment law.

Lyon and Marseille blockade updates

A report on student protests from Lyon II University, and an unconfirmed report of a student wounded by a car driver who drove into demonstrators in Marseille.

Sporadic protests and blockades across Brittany this afternoon

A round-up of some of this afternoon's events in Brittany, where like across France, high school and university students have been protesting against the CPE.

Lyon, Rennes and Toulouse protest against casualisation

First reports from Liberation on this mornings demonstrations.