Gutman, [Gotman] Iosif I. aka Iosif the Emigrant, 1890-1920

A short biography of Russian Jewish anarchist Iosif the Emigrant who was a strong advocate of close cooperation between the anarchist movement and the Makhnovists

“A short, slender man of thirty, with lustrous dark eyes set wide apart, and a face of peculiar sadness. The expression of his eyes still haunts me: now mournful, now irate, they reflect all the tragedy of his Jewish descent. His smile speaks the kindliness of a heart that has suffered and learned to understand”. The Bolshevik Myth, Alexander Berkman.

Kobets, Grigori (or Ryhor) 1898-1990

A short biography of celebrated Bielorussian playwright Grigor Kobets, who fought with the Makhnovists.

The Makhnovist playwright

Grigori Kobets was born on the 12th (24th Gregorian calendar) July 1898 in Elizavetgrad (now Kirovohrad) in the Ukraine within the Russian Empire.

Taratuta, Olga Ilyinichna 1876 (?)-1938 (real name Elka Golda Elievna Ruvinskaia, aka Babushka ,Valia, Tania, D.Basist

A short biography of Olga Taratuta the “grandmother” of the Russian anarchist movement and a founder of the Anarchist Black Cross

“The Kharkov comrades, with the heroic personality of Olga Taratuta at their head, had all served the Revolution, fought on its fronts, endured punishment from the Whites, persecution and imprisonment by the Bolsheviki. Nothing had daunted their revolutionary ardour and anarchist faith.” Living My Life, Emma Goldman

Zadov, Lev Nikolaevich aka Zinkovsky aka Leva aka Levka the Bandit 1893-1938

Lev Zadov

Short biography of Lev Zadov, anarchist communist, metalworker and (in)famous organiser of the Makhnovist intelligence corps.

Lev Zadov was born on April 11th 1893 in the small Jewish farming settlement of Veselaya in southern Ukraine. Around 1898-1900 his family fell on hard times and moved to Yuzovka, in the Donetsk region, where his father worked as a coachman.

Belash, Viktor Fedorovich aka Bilash 1893-1938

Viktor Belash.

A short biography of Viktor Belash. Ukrainian anarchist communist, railway worker, and brilliant strategist of the Makhnovist movement.

Viktor Belash was born in 1893 in the village of Novospasovka (Ukrainian form is Novospasivka) in southern Ukraine. Novospasovka was also the home of other anarchists who later participated in the Makhnovist movement like Vassili Kurilenko and Vdovichenko. He received an elementary education and worked as a railway engineer. He was already an anarchist communist in 1908 at the age of fifteen.

Doubinsky, Jacques, 1889-1959

Jacques Doubinsky

A short biography of Ukrainian Jewish anarchist and Makhnovist Jacques Doubinsky, who was also active in France and Bulgaria.

Jacques Doubinsky
Aka Iakov Dubinsky, born 26 March 1889 - Ukraine, died 18 February 1959 - France

Makhno, Nestor, 1889-1934

A short biography of anarchist and guerrilla leader Nestor Makhno, who led the anarchist Insurrectionary Army of the Ukraine, known as the Makhnovist movement.

This movement was the manifestation of the Russian Revolution of 1917 in the Ukraine, where it took a libertarian form and where the workers and peasants fought both the counter-revolutionary Tsarist armies and the authoritarian Bolsheviks.

Nestor Ivanovich Makhno
Born Ukraine, 27 October 1889, died France, 25 June 1934

1917-1921: The Ukrainian Makhnovist movement

The Makhnovists

The history of the revolutionary movement in the Ukraine - the anarchist Makhnovists - at the time of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

The revolution in the Ukraine was a libertarian revolution, and the workers and peasants fought both Tsarist reaction and Bolshevik domination.

Nikiforova, Marusya, 1885-1919 - Nick Heath

Marusya Nikiforova

A short biography of Russian anarchist guerrilla and orator Marussia Nikiforova, who fought in the Russian Civil War following the 1917 Revolution.

Born at Alexandrovsk, (now Zaphorozhye)in 1885 Maria Grigorevna Nikiforova was a worker, who had jobs as a baby sitter, sales clerk, and finally as a bottle washer in a vodka distillery.As a member of a local anarchist-communist group she was condemned to death for armed attacks on the Czarist authorities in 1905, commuted to twenty years hard labour and imprisonment.

The strategy and nature of Bolshevism

Daniel Cohn Bendit during May '68 in France

The final chapters of Gabriel and Dany Cohn-Bendit's book Obsolete Communism, the Left-Wing Alternative, which deal with the theory and practise of Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolshevik Party during the Russian Revolution

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