Veretelnik, Boris, ?-1919

A short biography of Boris Veretelnik , Left Socialist Revolutionary and then anarchist and Makhnovist

Popov, Dimitri Ivanovich, 1892-1921

Dimitri Popov

A short biography of Dimitri Popov, sailor, Left Socialist Revolutionary and then anarchist and Makhnovist

Anti-Semitism and the Makhnovists - Michael Malet

Malet finds that - despite false allegations - Makhno was not anti-Semitic and that incidents of anti-Semitism among the Makhnovists were less than in rival military forces, including the Bolshevik Red Army.

Staradolz, Alexander, ?-1936

A short account of Alexander Staradolz who fought with Makhno and Durruti.

Lepetchenko, Ivan and Alexander

Alexander Lepetchenko

A short account of the lives of the Lepetchenko brothers, Alexander and Ivan, who fought with the Makhnovists.

Zuychenko, Nazar Semenovich, 1887/8-1938

Zuychenko , seated  2nd from right. Makhno seated far left, Antoni seated second

A short biography of Nazar Zuychenko, one of first members of Gulyai Poye Anarchist Communist Group, persecuted by the Soviet authorities

Chuchko, Ivan Minovich, 1893-1938

A short biography of Ivan Chuchko, Makhnovist commander hounded by the Soviet authorities for many years.

The Kolesnikov uprising

Ivan Kolesnikov

A short account of the uprising against the Bolsheviks led by Ivan Kolesnikov, like Fomin and Sapozhkov an ex-Red Army man.

The Greek Makhnovists

A short account of the role of the Black Sea Greeks in the Makhnovist movement.

Ivanyuk, ?-1921

A short biography of Ivanyuk, independent-minded Makhnovist commander, who died in the last major battle of the movement.