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Angry workers hold bosses hostage

More than 1,000 migrant workers in Shanghai have gone on strike and held 18 managers hostage following a dispute over the introduction of a draconian new disciplinary policy. Four hundred riot police officers attended to the factory in a bid to free the bosses. There are reports of many workers being injured in the subsequent clashes, including several with broken limbs. Following the incident the bosses have withdrawn the new policy, issued an apology for its introduction, and have promised the workers a pay rise…… Direct action gets the goods!

The workers, employed at the Shinmei Electric plant were furious at the new rules and regulations that will mean heavy fines or dismissal, should people be late back from the toilet, and instant dismissal for making one work related mistake. Angry workers besieged the plant in Shanghai for over two days, rounding up the bosses and forcibly locking 18 of them in a room.

Thousands of Coca Cola workers walk off the job

Thousands of Coca Cola workers across Germany are staging a series of short term ‘warning’ strikes this week in protest over their wages. Workers at two factories in Bavaria walked out today, with a further 50 plants expected to follow suit later in the week.

The warning strikes generally last several hours, and are a common tactic used by German trade unions. They are the first step up on the pressure on employers in anticipation of the next round of wages negotiations. Workers are demanding a 6% pay-rise for all of Coca Cola’s 10,600 employees across Germany. The bosses are only prepared to offer a 2% rise.

Richard-Ginori: still turmoil

Richard-Ginori, famous around the world for the production of porcelain, is one of the best known “Made in Italy” names. The firm’s production plant has been in Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, since 1735. In August 2012, due to the firm’s critical economic condition, all 314 workers at the plant were laid off and on January 7th the Court of Florence declared the company bankrupt.

Manufacturing was closed down. Between January 7th and 15th the 314 workers occupied the plant for a week, in contravention of the Court’s decision. On January 15th, however, the Court declared the plant could be reopened for a provisional period and production, even if reduced, started once again.

The struggle at Ikea continues: November 11 update


The struggle of IKEA workers in Italy goes on.

After a workers’ blockade in front of the IKEA storage in Piacenza was violently cleared on November 2, the protest spread to other cities. Solidarity rallies were organized in Bologna and Piacenza on November 7 and solidarity demonstrations took place on November 10 in front of many Ikea stores all over Italy.

All-out strike and clashes at Ikea plant

Four workers have been hospitalized after riots took place in front of the gates of the Ikea plant in Piacenza this morning (November 2).

The plant is the Swedish corporation’s main Italian storage centre and its workers are nominally employed by several cooperatives. However, as is often the case in Italy, the name ‘cooperative’ hides a dire reality of exploitation, the ignoring of labour regulations and of national collective agreements.

Bangladeshi workers fight back against corrupt bosses

15,000 Bangladeshi garment workers blockade a key highway in protest at unpaid wages. Meanwhile, bosses at the company – who supply Primark and New Look – are arrested on embezzlement charges in the country’s largest ever corruption case

The last week has seen a series of violent clashes between Bangladeshi garment workers and the police, resulting in over 250 workers being injured.

Workers at the Hallmark Group in Hemayetpur are demanding that arrears in their salaries are paid with immediate effect, and that they receive their annual ‘Eid’ bonus, which is due later this week.

Revolt of the iSlaves - More labour unrest at China's Foxconn factories

Two incidents of mass unrest at Foxconn factories made worldwide headlines in late September and early October 2012. The leading customer Apple had just released a new version of his main product, the iPhone 5, so work pressure in the factories was high – and so was worldwide attention.

In the evening of September 23, a riot broke out in Foxconn's factory complex in Taiyuan, Shanxi. 2.000 Foxconn workers took part in the riot, many thousands looked on, and 40 people got injured. The rioters smashed shop-windows, set fires on the street, over-turned police cars and demolished company fences.

IASR interviewed by Radio Libertaire

IASR (Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative from Romania) interviewed by Radio Libertaire at the International Anarchist Gathering in St. Imier, Switzerland.

IASR (Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative from Romania) interviewed by Radio Libertaire (the radio station of the French Anarchist Federation). The interview was taken at the International Anarchist Gathering in St. Imier, Switzerland, which took place between 8-12 August 2012. The interview is in English and French.

Workers clash with police outside the Italian industry ministry

Several hundred aluminium workers in Rome have clashed with the police during a protest against the proposed closure of a loss making Sardinian smelting plant.

A meeting was being held in the Industry ministry in Rome, between government officials, union representatives, and company bosses. The workers attempted to storm the building, set off firecrackers, and threw missiles, but they were beaten back by riot police.

It has been reported 20 people (mainly police officers) have suffered minor injuries during the clashes.

Hired goons target worker’s rights groups in China

On Thursday, approximately sixty unidentified goons carrying hammers broke into the offices of a workers advocacy group in Shenzhen, China.

They ransacked the premises, attacking anyone who tried to prevent them. After removing documents and equipment, and sealed the premises by welding the doors shut.

Terrified workers and onlookers called the police on several occasions, but for some strange reason they never came.