Martin Sostre

The unforgettable life of prison rebel Martin Sostre - William C Anderson

A short biography of the Black anarchist and prison rebel Martin Sostre. Originally published at Roar Magazine and then republished by Offshoot Journal.

The New Prisoner - Martin Sostre (with introduction by Garrett Felber)

A 1970s article from the revolutionary prisoner Martin Sostre, responding to the Attica uprising.

The New Prisoner - Martin Sostre

Free the Connecticut Panther - Martin Sostre banner on demonstration

From his solitary cell at Auburn prison in 1972, political prisoner Martin Sostre warned that “if Attica fell to us in a matter of hours. . . so shall fall all your fortresses, inside and out. Revolutionary spirit conquers all obstacles.”

Martin Sostre: Prison Revolutionary

A short biography of Martin Sostre, a revolutionary anarchist influential in the 1960s-70s prison movement. First published on Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin's facebook page and then republished by Black Rose Anarchist Federation. This is the introduction to a forthcoming zine to be published by South Chicago ABC Zine Distro.