media and culture

Melinand, Gerard, 1952-2000


A biography of French anarchist print worker and militant Gerard Melinand.

Meltzer, Albert, 1920-1996

Albert Meltzer

A short biography of British anarcho-syndicalist print worker Albert Meltzer, who was active providing support to the Spanish Resistance.

Subvertising billboards

A guide to subvertising - altering commercial outdoor poster and billboard advertisements to get your message across.

Comfort, Alex, 1920-2000

Alex Comfort

A short biography of British doctor, anarchist and author of the Joy of Sex, Alex Comfort.

Einstein, Carl, 1885-1940

Carl Einstein.

A short biography of German poet, writer, art historian and anarchist combatant in the Spanish Revolution, Carl Einstein. He commited suicide in 1940 to avoid Nazi persecution.

Tiger Woods - shot advert during strike

A scab in one

Golfer Tiger Woods scabbed on a commercial actors strike in 2000 by filming a non-union advert for Buick in Canada.

Liz Hurley - filmed advert during actors strike

Hurl-inducing: Scabley

Actress Elizabeth Hurley was fined £70,000 by her union for scabbing on a five month Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike.