media and culture

Baj, Enrico, 1924-2003

The General by Enrico Baj

A biography of the Italian anarchist and painter Enrico Baj. Well known in Italy, he was finally beginning to become known in France as well though his name had never really been known in Britain.

Melinand, Gerard, 1952-2000


A biography of French anarchist print worker and militant Gerard Melinand.

Meltzer, Albert, 1920-1996

Albert Meltzer

A short biography of British anarcho-syndicalist print worker Albert Meltzer, who was active providing support to the Spanish Resistance.

Subvertising billboards

A guide to subvertising - altering commercial outdoor poster and billboard advertisements to get your message across.

Comfort, Alex, 1920-2000

Alex Comfort

A short biography of British doctor, anarchist and author of the Joy of Sex, Alex Comfort.

Einstein, Carl, 1885-1940

Carl Einstein.

A short biography of German poet, writer, art historian and anarchist combatant in the Spanish Revolution, Carl Einstein. He commited suicide in 1940 to avoid Nazi persecution.

Tiger Woods - shot advert during strike

A scab in one

Golfer Tiger Woods scabbed on a commercial actors strike in 2000 by filming a non-union advert for Buick in Canada.

Liz Hurley - filmed advert during actors strike

Hurl-inducing: Scabley

Actress Elizabeth Hurley was fined £70,000 by her union for scabbing on a five month Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike.