dimanche, 2 novembre 2003

Obamaniaco- dépressif (réflexions d’un…) – Bernard Lyon

November 2008 article by Bernard Lyon on the election of Barack Obama.

Silence sur Gaza… – Bernard Lyon

samedi, 10 janvier 2009

Invitation - Meeting

Invitation put out in 2003 by groups of the communising current in an attempt to coalesce debate and discussion around a regular review. Posted on their website on Friday 7 November 2003.

Gender distinction, programmatism and communisation - Roland Simon

A discussion of gender distinction within capitalism by Roland Simon of Theorie Communiste.

Intervention and the communising current - Bernard Lyon

Bernard Lyon on the role played by communisation theorists in the process of communisation, posted on the 'Meeting' website on Monday 21st July 2008.

The concept of the cycle of struggles - Roland Simon

Roland Simon of Theorie Communiste elaborates TC's concept of 'cycle of struggles' in their periodisation of the possibility of revolution.