Traven, B., 1890-1969

B. Traven, aka Ret Marut

A short biography of B. Traven, German underground author, anarchist and writer of the Treasure of Sierra Madre. [This article contains several factual inaccuracies and is typical of the many myths and half truths that have circulated concerning the mysterious B. Traven. For example, the date and location of birth given here are entirely speculative. For the known facts concerning Traven and a far more accurate account, see here;]

Zapata, Emiliano, 1879-1919

Emiliano Zapata.

A short biography of the legendary Mexican revolutionary hero, guerrilla and anarchist, Emiliano Zapata.

The Real del Monte miners' strike, 1766

A short history of the first ever strike in North American history, by Mexican silver miners.

1867-2000: A people’s history of Mexico


A working class history of Mexico from the Diaz administration of 1876, through the Revolution of 1910 to the beginning of the 21st century.

Mexican government kill striking workers

Mexican Police have shot and killed 2 steelworkers, injured 45 more in recapturing the occupied SICARTSA steel mill in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán.

Assembly Line - B. Traven

Cover of Assembly Line pamphlet

This is an early Traven story, taken, in an uncredited translation, (probably by Traven himself - I have Anglicised the spelling) from The Night Visitor and other stories, Allison & Busby, 1983 - a volume long out of print. The original German version - Der Grossindustrielle - was first published by the Buchergilde Gutenburg in 1928, as part of the collection Der Busch.

Mexico: Nationwide wildcat miners’ strike

More than a quarter of a million miners and steelworkers walked off the job between March 1 - 3 in wildcat strikes at 70 companies in at least eight states from central to northern Mexico virtually paralysing the mining industry.

A commune in Chiapas? Mexico and the Zapatista rebellion, 1994-2000

Zapatista women

Since the occupation of January 1994, many have projected their hopes onto this 'exotic' struggle against 'neo-liberalism'. We examine the nature of the Zapatista uprising by moving beyond the bluster of the EZLN communiqués, on which so many base their analysis.

Mexico is not only Chiapas

Emiliano Zapata.