Calderon given Mexican Presidency amid widespread protests

In an unprecedented act, Mexico's President Elect Felipe Calderon received, for the first of two times, the Presidential Sash from outgoing President Vicente Fox at 12:01 am in the Presidential Palace. Calderon's second and official inauguration, as defined by the Mexican Constitution, took place this morning in Mexico's congress despite attempts by opposition parties to block the swearing-in ceremony.

Oaxaca: Federal Police Retreat

After seven hours of pitched battle, Popular Assembly (APPO) activists and supporters beat back the police from the Benito Juarez Autonomous University.

Armed police move in on Oaxaca protests

At least eight people have died in the clashes.

At least eight people have died as police shot at protestors and broke down barricades, after five months of protests in the city.

Oaxaca: Teachers hold firm against their union leaders

"Banner: Rueda Pacheco, why don't you hold the consulta (vote) in the graves of the fallen compañeros?"

Teachers in the insurgent state of Oaxaca are refusing their union's return to work call, after union leader Enrique Rueda Pacheco illegally agreed to end their strike.

Two more Oaxaca communards murdered

Two more members of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) have been murdered by supporters of Governor Ruiz, bringing the total to nine.

Oaxaca communards shot by police

Four people have been wounded after police and hired thugs loyal to Governor Ruiz opened fire on a popular assembly's 'mobile brigade'.

Magon, Ricardo Flores, 1873-1922

Ricardo Flores Magon

A short biography of Ricardo Flores Magon, the Mexican anarchist who took part in the Mexican revolution and was imprisoned several times throughout his life.

1994: The Zapatista uprising

Zapatista women.

A brief history of the rebellion in Chiapas in the jungles of Mexico, where hundreds of thousands of people rose up against the Mexican state and organised themselves into libertarian-inspired federated communes, which are still in existence today.

Ortega, Margarita, ?-1914

Margarita Ortega

A short biography of Mexican anarchist school teacher and sharpshooter Margarita Ortega, who was executed in 1914.

Traven, B., 1890-1969

B. Traven, aka Ret Marut

A short biography of B. Traven, German underground author, anarchist and writer of the Treasure of Sierra Madre. [This article contains several factual inaccuracies and is typical of the many myths and half truths that have circulated concerning the mysterious B. Traven. For example, the date and location of birth given here are entirely speculative. For the known facts concerning Traven and a far more accurate account, see here;]