Tepito: no thanks, first world

Gustavo Esteva on the puzzle of autonomy in 1990s Tepito, an inner-city community in Mexico City, which prefers to manage its own affairs, without interference from the forces of “development”.

Postrevolutionary pioneer: Anarchist María Luisa Marín and the Veracruz renters' movement

Libertarian Women demonstrate in Veracruz, 1922

A history of the Mexican anarchist María Luisa Marín and the 1922 Veracruz Renters' Movement [1] by Andrew Grant Wood.

The Assault on Autonomous Education in Southeast Mexico

The “low-intensity war” against autonomy in Mexico (Part Two)

An article discussing the history of military and paramilitary violence against political organisers and communities in resistance in Mexico from the 1960s to the present day.

La Jornada reviews 'Weaponizing Anthropology'

Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State

I'm waiting for my copy of 'Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State' which looks to be a brilliant discussion of the ethics and purpose of anthropology, specifically referring to the growing use of 'embedded anthropologists' by the US military. This review from La Jornada, a widely circulated Mexican newspaper, was translated by Chuck Morse for AK Press

Samsung workers in Mexico on hunger strike - Solidarity needed

Four female workers, unfairly fired and victims of workplace abuse, have caged themselves and sewn their lips shut as they launch a hunger strike and one threatens to burn herself alive in a dramatic protest against the multinational corporation Samsung.

Echos of the struggle in Mexico - Interview with Raul of radio Ke Huelga

Ke Huelga

Interview with Raul, Mexican libertarian and presenter on the Ke Huelga free radio station.

14 people hospitalised in latest repression of the Oaxacan social movement

Section 22 of the Teacher's Union and the broader Oaxcan social movement take to the streets to protest the arrival of fraudulent President Calderon. Federal Police open fire with live rounds and tear gas grenades, resulting in at least 14 people wounded and hospitalised.

From coca to capital: free trade cocaine

John Barker on the 'War on Drugs', unequal free trade legislation, and their relationship with capitalism and its woes more broadly.

The Zapatistas: An ecological revolution? John Ross

John Ross writes for Processed World on the environmental views of the Zapatistas.