The meditations of young immigrant workers - Mogniss H. Abdallah

The following text was written by Mogniss H. Abdallah, a second generation immigrant and activist living in Paris. It was published in Patchwork,Paris: Cinel, 1980. Mogniss' involvement in developing immigration media, including "Rock Against Police" concerts, led to a (failed) attempt by the French government to deport him in 1979. Three years after this article was published he would found, with his brother, the IM'media Agency that produces a variety of reports and films on immigrant struggles.

Immigration: The blockage of mobility in the Mediterranean basin - Yann Moulier and Pierre Ewenzyck

1978 article with an introduction by Harry Cleaver on migration controls in the Mediterranean basin area.

Immigration, class composition, and the crisis of the labor market in Canada - Bruno Ramirez

1977 text by Bruno Ramirez about class composition and migration to Canada, which was due to be published in Zerowork 3.

Next stop 1984: computers, identification cards and immigration control

Article written for Zerowork issue 3 about new technologies available to states to control migration and the working class.

A call to action: an analysis of our struggles and alternatives to Carter's immigration program - Estevan T. Flores

1977 pamphlet by Estevan T Flores about President Carter's immigration plan.

Syndicalists protest racial profiling targeting sans-papiers in Sweden

Hunting down undocumented immigrants like animals is immoral and a waste of police resources, argues syndicalist weekly Arbetaren’s editor-in-chief Daniel Wiklander, who would like the Swedish companies who exploit vulnerable foreign-born workers to be held responsible.

Plight of North African refugees: national demonstrations called

On 25 February there will be demonstrations across Italy to highlight the difficult situation in which refugees from a number of North African countries have found themselves over the past 18 months. The demonstrations are also to draw the authorities’ attention to the need to support refugees’ integration and inclusion in the country.

Joke Kaviaar, activist/ publicist, under attack by Dutch state - solidarity needed

Joke Kaviaar, put on trial by Dutch authorities for speaking out

Joke Kaviaar, writer/ poet/ anarchist/activist, had been put on trial by the Dutch state for íncitement against public order'. The charge is based on four articles she wrote and published on het website, in which she strongly criticized the oppression, detention and deportation of migrants/ refugees/ people without papers, and called for active resistance aganist these policies

Asylum seekers occupy a church in Vienna

Frustrated at the lack of help from the local or national government, being kept in terrible conditions, and frequent threats of deportation, 100 asylum seekers have occupied a church in Vienna – 27 of whom are now on hunger strike. Despite the possibility of alternative accommodation being found they are refusing to leave due to so many disappointments in the past.

Interview with No Borders in Calais

Originally published in January 2010.